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Will Beckett Tell Castle She Loves Him in Castle’s Season 5 Premiere?

Aside from Cole Maddox vowing to put Kate Beckett "in the ground for good," Castle's Season 4 finale ended in the best way possible — with our leading lovers locked in a passionate embrace.

Although the camera faded to black before Castle and Beckett made their way to the bedroom, we are fairly certain the pair consummated their relationship with some good, old-fashioned love-making. After four years of eye sex, it's about time they had some real sex.

Now that Castle and Beckett are officially Caskett, they'll stroll off into the sunset together, make lots of babies, and live happily ever after, right? Well, not exactly.

Not only has show creator Andrew Marlowe promised to tackle those "uncomfortable, great, wonderful, crazy, challenging moments" that every new couple faces, but there's also the teensy weensy problem that Kate never said "I love you" back.

When she busted through Castle's front door in a fit of rain-soaked passion, she confessed a lot of things, but she never reciprocated those three little words. While we don't actually know what kind of pillow talk transpired between the pair, we doubt Marlowe would exclude us from a moment that monumental.

So, the question remains: When will Kate Beckett tell Castle how she really feels — that she's truly, madly, deeply in love with her partner-in-crime-solving?

Will the confession come in the early morning afterglow, as they wake up in each other's arms? Or perhaps over a cup of coffee in Castle's kitchen?

Tell us, Castle experts: Will Beckett say "I love you" in the Season 5 premiere, or will the detective drag this one out like the "maddening, challenging, frustrating" woman she is?

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