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Will Castle Season 5 Start With Castle and Beckett in Bed Together? Andrew Marlowe Dishes!

Castle's action-packed fourth season ended with a bang — literally! After four years of platonic hugs and the occasional awkward hand rub, Rick Castle and Kate Beckett finally consummated their relationship, and we couldn't be happier for them.

Now that the deed is done, what's next for Caskett?

We're still waiting on the official Season 5 green light from ABC, but it looks our lovebirds will pick up in September right where they left off. Are you thinking what we're thinking?

"I haven't quite nailed it down," show creator Andrew Marlowe admits, "but I do think everybody is going to want to see what the aftermath looks like."

And by aftermath, is Marlowe referring to that special moment when a mussy-haired Kate Beckett emerges from Rick Castle's bedroom in an oversized men's button-down as the mystery writer cooks up a plate of scrambled eggs? Or something more, shall we say, immediate?

"[Fans] are going to want to see what it looks like when they wake up in the morning," he continued. "And I think that's a promise that we have to honor."

We're going to hold you to that, Mr. Marlowe!

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