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The Bachelor

Would Newly Single Chris Harrison Consider Being the Next Bachelor?

Pretty much the second Rosemaster Chris Harrison announced that his 18-plus-years marriage to wife Gwen had ended, the question came up on message boards across Bachelor Nation: Should Chris be the next Bachelor?

Would Newly Single Chris Harrison Consider Being the Next Bachelor?

Well, not according to Chris. He knew that question would come up on the conference call he had with reporters to preview the Monday, May 14 premiere of The Bachelorette Season 8. He had his answer ready.

"Getting out of a 22-year relationship, having just announced my divorce to the world a week ago, having two kids and trying to start a new life, I'm thinking I wouldn't exactly be a great candidate to be the bachelor right now or anytime soon," Chris said (via

And even though we kind of feel like, if Chris and Gwen can't make it then love is just about dead, Chris claims his own breakup has just renewed his faith in the Bachelor/ette process.

"I still, and maybe more than ever, believe in the search and what everybody is doing on the show because I've been there and I lived that life," Chris said. "I've loved deeply with [my] whole heart and know how great it can be. I will hopefully fall in love and find that again."

Sounds like Emily Maynard's exact speech about being The Bachelorette — knowing that the show can help you find love, even if it doesn't last forever. (Although 22 years with someone is a lot better than a few months.) And since Emily herself said no, no, no before settling on yes, yes, yes, maybe Chris will change his mind about handing out roses instead of just announcing the final one. Some day.

Source: People

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