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5 Things We Learned From Spoiler Photos of Revenge Episode 21: “Grief”

Honestly, we're having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Revenge has left the year 2002 behind. Best. Episode. Ever.

Then again, the promo pics for season 1, episode 21 "Grief" look hilarious! Nolan in a moustache? Don't mind if we do.

Check out five tidbits we've learned from these sneak peek pics!

1. Nolan Wears Beanie, Suffocates His Bangs

Let the locks of love breathe, Nolan! We have no idea why our favorite billionaire is covering up his best asset, but we can only assume he's protecting the man-bangs from sun exposure.

Wouldn't want people to think he had frosted tips –– that'd be so 2002.

In other news, it looks like Nolan is doing some expert sleuthing on his iphone... who do you think he's spying on? And more importantly, why isn't the collar of his pea coat popped?

2. Emily Cries Hysterically While Grave Digging on the Beach

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Uh Oh, it looks like Emily's finally lost it and murdered someone. Either that or she's digging up infinity boxes on the beach again.

Either way, girl is shedding some major tears –– we haven't seen ugly-crying this epic since we looked at ourselves in the mirror during Daniel's murder trial!

Do you think Emily killed one of her enemies, or did Sammy Dog finally realize that he was over 200 years old? All dogs go to heaven, Sammy.

3. Oh Wait, Nevermind –– Robot Emily Is Back

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Hah, fooled you! If you thought Emily was capable of letting her emotions get the best of her, think again.

In this pic, Emily is surveying her morbid handiwork with disinterest and a faint touch of "whatevs."

But we're still curious about A) who she just buried, and B) where the light source shining on her face is coming from.

4. Nolan Wears a Hilarious Mustache

Credit: ABC    

So, apparently Nolan needs a few lessons in the art of disguise. We're pretty sure changing the color of your beanie and adding a sleazy moustache doesn't hide your identity, buddy.

But let's get to what's important: Why is Nolan dressed up as a 99 percenter, and whose house has he finagled his way into?

Could it be The White-Haired Man?

5. Yes, It Could Be! Nolan Hangs With the White-Haired Man

Credit: ABC    

Once you stop laughing hysterically at Nolan's facial hair, take a look over his shoulder.

See that familiar head of frost-white hair? It's The White Haired Man, otherwise known as the old dude that shivved David Clarke!

Looks like Nolan is pretending to be a cable company worker in order to plant cameras in The White-Haired Man's house. How delightfully sleuthy!

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05.11.2012 / 10:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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