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Bones Season 7, Episode 12: Your Glossary Guide to “The Suit On The Set”

We love Bones with every fiber of our being (clavicle and maxilla included), but do you ever scratch your head in confusion as Brennan (Emily Deschanel) rattles off a bunch of big words at her fellow geeks? Join the club. Lucky for you, we rounded up terminology from Season 7, Episode 12, “The Suit On The Set” so you can improve your squintern skills!

WISK: Bone Of Contention's version of The Jeffersonian –– otherwise known as The Washington Institute for Science and Knowledge. Sigh, everything is so much cooler in LA.

Cardical: As Brennan kindly reminded her on-screen alter-ego, this is definitely not a word.

Medial Epicondyle: Part of the humerus –– aka The Funny Bone! Oh, science humor. You slay us every time!

Michael Vincent: At first we thought this was some kind of tropical disease, but apparently it's the name of Hodgins' (TJ Thyne) child. You know –– the one who lives in a file drawer?

Laurus Nobilis: Nerd lingo for "Bay Laurels" –– those crowns people wore in ancient Greece to symbolize power. Come to think of it, someone please order a couple for Baby Christine and Blue Ivy.

GC Mass Spectrometer: A method used by airport security and geeks, which combines gas-liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry to identify substances in a test sample. Hodgins and his City of Angels alter-ego used a GC/MS to ID the bay laurels!

Dichotomous Key: Helps identify different plants, wild flowers and herbs. Harry Potter would have done so much better in Herbology if he'd had one of these bad boys.

Wheat Grass: A healthy (read: disgusting) juice made from grass. All you really need to know is that people in LA drink it while getting Botox injections.

Patella: Your knee cap. Next!

Papilionoidea: Hodgins' impersonator uses this fancy word to impress his fellow squinterns. And guess what it means? Butterflies!

05.11.2012 / 10:01 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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