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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Finale Speculation: Will Bonnie Go Bad?

Bonnie Bennett’s (Kat Graham) witchy bloodline has been very, very handy over the past three seasons of The Vampire Diaries. She’s saved the day for Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and Stefan (Paul Wesley) on any number of occasions with her clever spell-casting, but is there a chance that tonight’s finale will take Bonnie to the dark side?

Life-long BFFs Bonnie and Elena have endured some, ahem, serious strains this season, mostly due to what happened to Bonnie’s mother Abby (Persia White) in Season 3, Episode 15. Ever since mom was forcibly turned into a vampire by Damon, Bonnie’s been distant and a little cynical toward Elena’s vampire entourage.

So when Kat Graham told Hollywood Life that in tonight’s Season 3 finale, Bonnie will be “a little too busy to help Elena make her big decision” and that fans can look forward to some surprising “alliances,” we were left scratching our heads.

From the episode synopsis, we know that Bonnie will be making a “secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences.” So, who’ll she be teaming up with? She wouldn’t align with Alaric (Matt Davis) or the Originals… would she?

Executive Producer Julie Plec threw some fuel on the fire by telling Entertainment Weekly that Bonnie will soon have a new attitude about things. “She is done taking orders,” she said. “She’s making decisions based on what it is that she wants, what’s right for her and the people that she loves.”

Kat herself was surprised by the script for the episode. “I didn’t even expect that she would do this,” she said of whatever decision is coming.

Also, Bonnie’s use of dark magic to desiccate Klaus (Joseph Morgan) in Season 3, Episode 21 may have some serious consequences. “It could go one of two ways,” Kat teased. “It could be a situation where it’s in and out — she experienced it and she realized this is something that she should stay away from. Or, it could get a little deeper and darker and harder for her to control and escape.”

Anyone else rooting for Bonnie to become a little more dangerous? It sure would spice things up!

Sources: Hollywood Life, Entertainment Weekly

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05.11.2012 / 12:15 AM EDT by Amanda Bell
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