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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison Says Emily Maynard Was Willing to Move For Ex Brad Womack — and Would Do It Again!

Emily Maynard and Brad Womack found love in a hopeful place: on The Bachelor Season 15 — falling so hard Brad got down on bended knee in the finale and our hearts burst with unicorns and rainbows. Theirs was a fairytale that never got its happy ending, though, and now Emily Maynard is the Bachelorette for Season 8 of ABC’s love journey franchise. In a recent press call with reporters, host Chris Harrison sheds light on what happened with Em and Brad — and why she’s ready to settle down this time around.

Asked why he thinks it’s different for Emily this time, Chris says, “Well, I mean the situation with Brad was different. You have to take it in and of itself. You know, she was fully prepared to move to Austin and would have loved to move to Austin. And obviously, that was on her mind, but their relationship never got there.”

While Chris won’t expand on why their relationship never got there, he emphasizes the weight of the moving-for-a-guy decision: “It’s a big step for her because it’s not just, you know, Emily up and moving. It’s Emily and it’s [Emily’s daugher] Ricki and it’s her life and pulling Ricki out of her school and her friends and all that. Emily doesn’t get to just make choices for herself anymore.”

We all know by now that ABC picked up and moved filming from Los Angeles to Charlotte for Emily. Does Emily expect her fiancé to do the same? Chris says, just as Emily was willing to move for Brad, Emily is still willing to move for love. “Emily said she's willing to move wherever the guy she picks lives.”

Source: ABC Medianet

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