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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Season 5 Finale Speculation: How Will It All End?

Serena van der Woodsen


Believe it or not, at this point, we’re more concerned about Serena (Blake Lively)’s future than anybody else’s. Girl has isolated herself and we think that her downward spiral into reviled Gossip Girl territory was just the beginning. Without a time jump, there’s very little hope for a reunion with her would-be paramour Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). Rumor has it she’s getting a love interest, so she could be sent off into the sunset with a renewed outlook on life — and we’d hope that’d be with repaired friendships.

DREAM SCENARIO: C’mon, Dan Humphrey by her side and babies, right?! But with S’s checkered dude-past, we also wouldn’t hate to see her as a successful career woman who rocks boy toys on her arm like it’s never going out of fashion.


Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW © 2011 The CW Network    

Guess what guys? This thing is inevitable. So we’re putting them together in our hopes and dreams for the sake of our sanity. Regardless of when the show ends — if it’s four weeks or a year from now — this has “Ross and Rachel” ending all over it. The passion, the breaks, the ups-and-downs — they’re gonna pay off for us all! We adore Dair, but we’re obsessed with Chair. Chuck is going to be in bio-mama-turmoil, and we wouldn’t be surprised if his upcoming schemes with B bring them together… FOREVER. (Please?)

DREAM SCENARIO: Blair’s just gotta fulfill her dream of being an Upper East Side Queen. She’ll be hosting society parties with Chuck by her side, and they’ll have built their OWN family (so Chuck doesn’t have to deal with the one he was born into, ugh). Oh, they will have playdates with Dorota’s kids. The end...

Nate Archibald

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Let’s face it, Nate (Chace Crawford)’s latest gal-pal Lola (Ella Rae Peck) isn’t havin’ this life on the UES. Her family is a mess and her cousin-maybe-sister is kinda wackin’ out on her. The biggest show of affection between these two lovebirds would be to flee the city — together! While we’re not sure Nate would jump at the chance of leaving his daily routine of suits and Spectatorin’ at this point, he seems the most likely to put it in his rearview, if anything to continue his seasons-long mission of self-discovery.

DREAM SCENARIO: Since we’ve an affinity for the friendship between S and Nate, seeing them both at the top of their game in, say, Los Angeles, sounds pretty good. Somebody has to leave New York, right? Plus, Nate’s family situation is so complicated, and allowing him to break-away from that would be five shades of awesome. (Bonus: Trip Vanderbilt in prison. Just sayin’.)

Gossip Girl

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Or is it! Betchya thought we forgot, but obviously the biggest mystery of the UES would have to be revealed. The question is: HOW? With just four weeks to be solved, we’re afraid to say this story’s ending might not fully live up to expectations… But on the other hand, what are our expectations? We’d love Gossip Girl to be revealed as someone familiar to us – a Penelope (imagine!) or something – but we really have a hard time speculating. It could be anyone at this point! Eric van der Woodsen? Vanessa? Lola?!?!

DREAM SCENARIO: Forget all the damage GG did to his sis’s rep, and his own, and his friend Jenny Humphrey's and… whatever! It’d be awesome to know that Eric was the one behind all this drama the whole time, right? Suuure, Connor Paolo is over on Revenge now and the logistics of him returning would be a lil’ murky, but a smirk on Eric vdWs face as he maniacally types away in a penthouse suite somewhere on the UES sounds kinda totally great to us.

What do you think? How would YOU like to see GG end, once and for all?

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We know that renewal for a sixth — and final? — season of Gossip Girl is now nearly inevitable, but we can’t help wondering what would happen if it all WERE coming to a close on May 14… Where would the characters wind up with just four episodes left? Would we get to see the happy endings that we so want? HOW would they satisfy both fan bases of Blair ‘shippers?!

Time to set your status to: It’s complicated.

Here’s where we could see our favorite UESers landing this time next week (and, for fun, our DREAM scenarios — just in case they decided to throw us a “five years later” ending…).

Dan Humphrey

Credit: Giovanni Rufino/The CW 2011 The CW Network    

We hate to be blunt, but we see Dair’s spark fizzling out before our eyes every week. Anticipation was EVERYTHING here (we just want B to be happy!), but the real deal? It just doesn’t work. If the show ends in four weeks, somebody is heading home with a broken heart, and we fear it’d be Lonely Boy (once again living up to his cruel nickname). A great ending in spite of that, though? Dan on a worldwide book tour promoting the follow-up to Inside and taking up with an adorable French girl he met at a corner bookstore. Eh?

DREAM SCENARIO: Though the romance between Dan and former bestie Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) was never really there, the friendship vibes were undeniable. We want that relationship repaired stat, and we’d love to see them living across the hallway from one another… in Brooklyn. Keepin’ it as real with each other as possible over cappuccinos and book edits.

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