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Revenge Season Finale Spoilers Roundup: Everything You Need to Know About “Reckoning”

Revenge is just days away from wrapping up its massively successful freshman season, and we're on the edge of our seats in anticipation for the finale!

According to sources, lives will be taken, drama will ensue, and Emily will get even crazier.

Check out our spoiler roundup for the latest scoop!

1. Season 1 Finale Synopsis Revealed

With only one episode to go until Revenge's season 1 finale, we're getting more and more anxious about what's in store for our favorite backstabbing Hamptonites. Check out ABC's official show synopsis for the last episode of the season. Sounds like a cliffhanger!

2. Revenge Finale Won't Have A Cliffhanger –– More Like A Mountain Hanger

Looks like we're in for an an explosive finale! "i can say that when #revenge comes back w #Doubt ep17 its a rocket to ep22 & we dont have a cliffhanger coming..more like a mountainhanger," star Gabriel Mann tweeted.

3. Something Bad Might Happen to Nolan

Revenge is hurtling toward the end of its first season and Gabriel Mann promises "major cliffhangers" to come. "The way that this script ends, something very bad is going to happen to someone. And I started to have question marks about whether that might be me."

What?! Nolan Ross in danger? We refuse to believe it.

4. Emily Van Camp Says Revenge Will Go Out With a Bang

Revenge star Emily VanCamp tweeted, “Last day of filming the 1st season of #REVENGE tomorrow. Going out with a bang. A little Nolan/Emily fun and a wicked fight. Should be epic.” Does she mean a literal bang? Yikes!

5. What Shocking Event Happens in the Finale?

Revenge's finale will feature a "horrific accident," according to E! Online, "of a vehicular nature." Click to find out more!

6. Another Big Death Is Coming!

Revenge mastermind Mike Kelley warns fans to get ready for another big death later this season. "It's not an extra that's getting killed," he tells TV Guide. "[The person] is part of our cast so it will have a big impact." They might as well rename the show Russian Roulette!

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