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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson and Briana Fight About Ryan and Brooks in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 7, Episode 14 (VIDEO)

The gloves will be coming off in Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 7, Episode 14. In a preview video for the show, Vicki Gunvalson approaches daughter Briana to discuss their relationship, and their talk quickly deteriorates into an argument.

Post-elopement and that oh-so-awkward intro to Vicki’s new boyfriend Brooks, Briana isn’t on the best of terms with her mom. Perhaps due to a bit of vino courage, Bri says she’s concerned “that things are moving too fast too soon” between Vicki and Brooks, and her mother answers back with her own concerns about Briana and new husband Ryan.

Bri counters by saying that Vicki’s still legally married to her ex Donn and that she hasn’t been alone since she was 19. She’s rushing into being tied down again, Bri says. Vicki tells her daughter that she shouldn’t be giving anyone lectures on “rushing into things.”

Then, things get really ugly. The ladies start throwing out Internet rumors about each other’s beaus. Vicki claims Ryan was married when he first started dating Briana, and her daughter responds by attacking Brooks. “DUIs, not taking care of his kids, he’s got four kids by three different women,” Briana lists off. Ouch! Mom’s not happy about that one and says, “Shut up! You don’t say that.”

According to Vicki’s latest Bravo blog, things aren’t “perfect between her kids and Brooks, but they have gotten “much better.” Looks like it’ll take a long while before we see any evidence of that detente.

Source: Bravo

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