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The Vampire Diaries

5 Reasons Elena Will Be Badass in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries

If you haven’t already watched last night’s c-r-a-z-y Season 3 finale of The Vampire Diaries, look away now! You have been warned!

5 Reasons Elena Will Be Badass in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries
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Still with us? Okay.

So, the biggest twist of Season 3, Episode 22, “The Departed” (and there were a lot of them) came when Elena (Nina Dobrev) drowned, telling Stefan (Paul Wesley) to save Matt (Zach Roerig) from a watery grave instead of her. Then Dr. Fell (Torrey DeVitto) popped in and owned up to slipping her some vamp blood earlier in the day to heal her head wound. So, bam! Elena wakes up, newly minted as a vampire.

Whether or not you are happy about the transition, it’s on for Season 4. And we think Elena is going to make one badass little vampire. Here are five reasons why.

Elena knows all the tricks

In her human days, Elena rolled deep with the supernatural, and that’ll pay off in droves for her new life. She’d been training herself to fight for months, and her body’s been sculpted to tip-top physical condition. She’s also got the mental and emotional know-how to handle even the world’s most dangerous immortals… Let’s face it. She’s already got loads of experience in that department. Now that she’ll be equipped with some vampire strength, speed, and fangs, she’ll be virtually unstoppable.

Her abilities will be heightened

In addition to all the tactics Alaric (Matt Davis) taught her about taking down a vampire, Elena had her own skill set that kept her alive in a supernatural town. First of all? Being a badass. Not only did she start slicing her own neck to stop her history teacher in Season 3, Episode 21, “Before Sunset,” she stabbed herself and threatened to turn into a vampire if Elijah (Daniel Gillies) didn’t agree to her terms in Season 2, Episode 15, “The Dinner Party.” She’s also both brave and selfless. Even when she was no match for someone physically, that didn’t stop her. She managed to talk Rebekah (Claire Holt) out of hurting her when Elijah was stowing her in the caves. How many times has she offered to die to keep someone else alive? Too many to count. Let’s hope her compassion and courage are among the qualities that get heightened when she becomes a vampire, but that her new immortal status tones down her martyr complex.

She’ll have some serious help

Elena’s not coming into this new vampy life alone. She’s got a boyfriend, BFF Caroline (Candice Accola), and whatever Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is to her now right beside her. So whatever she didn’t already know about her new world, she won’t be learning it alone, that’s for sure.

She won’t have to worry about being normal

When she started dating Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena pretty much cashed in her “normal” card. Yet she still clung to a desire for a regular life. Basically, she’s had a foot in both the supernatural and the human world, and it was making her terribly unhappy. In many ways, her transition will free her from certain concerns (goodbye, hybrid army), though of course she’s giving up a lot as well. At least she can stop worrying about trying to live out her mortal life with a guy who will stay 17 forever.

Nina’s owned it before

Bottom line: We’ve already seen what Nina Dobrev can do, courtesy of Katherine Pierce. As a vamp, Nina’s seductive, dangerous, and lithe as all get-out. We suspect Elena’ll be much kinder than Katherine, of course, but the instincts and abilities are already right there, just waiting to be tapped.

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05.13.2012 / 12:30 AM EDT by Amanda Bell
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