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Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford on Season 5 Finale, What She Loves About Dan and Blair, and Bart’s Complicated Return — Exclusive

Between losing her mother, getting run out of her apartment, and discovering her niece Lola is actually her ex-husband’s daughter with her sister (that’s cold, Carol!), the Upper East Side’s OG diva Lily van der Woodsen has taken quite the lickin’ in Season 5 — but will her relationship with Rufus keep on tickin’ come Monday night’s finale?

Kelly Rutherford spoke to Wetpaint Entertainment about the current strained state of Lily and Rufus’ relationship — and what the return of second husband Bart Bass from the “dead” means for their future. And speaking of the future... is Season 6 even happening?

Read on for our chat with Kelly below!

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Wetpaint: Was this break between Lily and Rufus inevitable, considering their differences?
Kelly: I think they’ve really loved each other. They’re just trying to figure out, like everyone else is, how to make it work. And given a lot of different challenges — they’ve both been married before, they both have kids, they’ve known each other since they were young... [they] have passion for each other. But they do come from very different places and that can be challenging. Even the best relationships, when you go through certain challenges, you’re tested...

Do you see Dan and Blair working, considering — like Lily and Rufus — they come from such different backgrounds?
What I love about Dan and Blair is that they kind of use their differences and are fascinated with each other and their differences... They challenge each other in fun ways, which I definitely think Lily and Rufus have, too. We can be either really bad [together] or really exciting where you learn and grow.

So Lily doesn’t know that Bart is alive yet — will we see that in the finale?
You see that in the finale.

Will that bring up old feelings for Lily, even though she was planning on leaving him before he “died” in Season 3?
I think Lily’s going to have to make some choices. Is she still married to Bart? Is she married to Rufus?... I think there are some legal issues. Also, with Bart being back, what does that mean? Obviously there’s a lot of feelings and emotions that are going to come up because of that. It’s also the timing of it, too; it’s not as if Lily and Rufus are in the strongest place when this is happening. But we’ll see, I think it becomes a little more exciting.


Serena seems to be spiraling lately, making bad decisions, and seemingly reverting to her Season 1 self — what’s the deal with her?
We all kind of reevaluate our lives and take a moment when we’ve been through something, and really take a look at ourselves... A lot of our characters have done that, I know Lily certainly has done that. .. When we first started [the series] [Serena] was sort of in this, What road do I take? She’s going through that again, and it’s horrible — and real! I think we all go through that.

We have to ask: Are you rooting for Blair to be with Chuck or Dan in the finale?
Oh god, I don’t know. I love them all!... I just want them to be happy! So that’s really tough. Right now it’s hard to tell... early on I may have said, she and Chuck know each other really well and have a history, but now... Chuck’s going through a lot of stuff.

How would you sum up the finale without giving anything away?
All the characters are having to make big decisions in their life right now, it’s not like little things... [they’re decisions] that can really affect their futures. It’s very exciting.

The fate of Season 6 is still up in the air, even though it seems likely it will be renewed — have you heard anything about it?
I haven’t heard anything officially. I think we hear next week so... we’re all sorta in the same boat waiting to hear.

You’ve been with Gossip Girl from the beginning — do you remember those first days of being on set filming Season 1?
I remember... how young we all were. [Laughs] But it’s still the same group. It’s still fresh, still fun to work with. Everyone has a sense of humor, and I think it’s an amazingly healthy group of people, in terms of just balancing their lives with their work. I think that’s what’s kept the energy so good... It’s fun to go to work.

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