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3 Plot Points That Make Zero Sense on Revenge

We love Revenge with a passion (the kind of passion we reserve for Daniel's six-pack), but do you ever find yourself suspending disbelief at the sluethy events that unfold in the Hamptons?

Check out three plot points that make zero sense on our favorite drama –– you know, aside from the fact that no one remembers Emily from New Year's 2002. Who knew belly shirts and ankle bracelets caused memory loss?

1. Why Didn't the Government Seize David Clarke's Notebooks?

As far as we know, David Clarke spent his time behind bars feverishly writing down his thoughts in Moleskine journals (because Mokeskin often sell their diaries in prison).

Last time we checked, David was an international terrorist, and we're pretty sure his notebooks would have been seized by the US government as opposed to being collected by Nolan.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Nolan hypnotized the prison warden with his glorious man-bangs, in which case everything makes so much sense.

2. Why Aren't the Graysons Suspicious of Nolan?

The Graysons are expert schemers, yet they still haven't figured out that David Clarke owned half of Nolan's company!

Conrad was heavily involved in David's investment portfolio, so it doesn't make sense that he never knew about Nolan Corp.

If he did, we're pretty sure Nolan would be under constant Grayson surveillance (or dead in a bathtub) ... after all, he was besties with their public enemy No. 1!

3. Why Isn't the U.S. Government More Involved in David's Affairs?

You'd think that if a domestic terrorist was murdered in jail, the government would take a little more interest in his death –– not to mention his surviving family members.

The FBI and CIA have yet to show face on Revenge, despite the fact that David Clarke's daughter was briefly wanted for the murder of Tyler Barrol. Sigh, pull yourselves together, writers!

Actually, scratch that. Never change –– we love this show despite its inconsistencies.

Our for more Revenge? Tune into this week's all new episode, Wednesday 10PM on ABC!

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05.14.2012 / 09:55 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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