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Hope for Community: Shows That Survived the Move to Friday

The recent news that NBC cult-hit Community has been moved to Friday nights has sent fans into a panic. Friday night is infamously the place where low-rated shows go to die, and nobody wants to say goodbye to Community just yet.

However, just because NBC has moved Community to Friday doesn't mean they want it to die. They've put it before Grimm, which is actually doing relatively well for its time slot, so it seems like the Powers That Be might be hoping for a bit of geek synergy there. Plus, because Friday is a weak night, the ratings needed to justify a renewal are lower. Community has proven that it has a hard time picking up new viewers in more mainstream timeslots, but if its dedicated fan base sticks around on Friday, it just might be able to survive the “death slot.”

Not convinced? We've gathered some of our favorite examples of shows that moved to Fridays and lived to tell the tale for at least another season.

Friday Night Lights: Another critically acclaimed, low-rated NBC gem, Friday Night Lights was moved to Friday for its second season. Far from dying, it was eventually moved to Wednesdays, and lasted five seasons.

Fringe: Fringe bounced from Tuesday to Thursday before landing on Friday midway through Season 3. Fans immediately predicted doom: After all, the show is on FOX, which killed past sci-fi Friday faves like Dollhouse and Firefly. But Fringe was granted a full fourth season, and was recently renewed for a shortened, and final, fifth season. Not bad for a myth arc heavy genre show. Even Lost only made it six seasons.

Law & Order: SVU: SVU began its life on Mondays, but was shifted to Friday halfway through its first season. It successfully stayed there through Season 4, before being thrown back into the middle of the week, where it has lived on basically forever: It's heading into its 14th season in the fall.

Supernatural: Despite fans predicting doom and gloom, CW's supernatural hit managed to survive the move to Friday during its sixth season — though there were rumors that Season 7 would be its last, the show was recently renewed for Season 8.

Smallville: Another CW Friday survivor is Smallville, which was moved for Season 9 and held out through Season 10. That's about as long as any TV show can hope to live.

Battlestar Galactica: SyFy’s best series to date, BSG began on Mondays, but spent most of its four season lifespan on Fridays.

These are just a few examples of shows that have done well after moving to Friday, and we didn’t even include shows that began on Fridays in the first place. Obviously, not all of these examples are exact parallels to Community — a cable channel like SyFy has different ratings expectations than a network like NBC — but it should give you some hope.

What are your favorite Friday shows? Let us know in the comments!

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05.14.2012 / 10:57 PM EDT by Rebecca Martin
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