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The Kardashians

Khloe & Lamar Recap of Season 2, Episode 12: Baby Daddy Drama

Last week’s episode of Khloe & Lamar centered on Rob Kardashian’s OCD. This week’s season finale involved another three-letter acronym: DNA. Yep, the net rumor squad got Khloe and the fam in a tizzy this week, so did she take the bait and get her genes tested? We’ll find out!

The episode begins with Khloe approaching down-and-out hubby Lamar to get him to “prom prom” that he’s okay. Khloe thinks Lam Lam’s been bottling his feelings up too much and wants him to spill already. It takes a little prodding, but Khloe finally gets Lamar to open up about what’s been eating at him.

Turns out, Lamar’s having a rough go at being the backbone of his family. Losing his cousin to senseless gun violence last summer and then watching another kid pass away from a tragic motorcycle accident had him questioning whether he was “really capable of basketball” before the dismal season even started.

Even chatting about his sadness, Lamar keeps a sturdy composure, but it does seem to help lift his spirits a bit to get things off his chest. Khloe’s relieved too and hopes the conversation will bring a “new, fresh Lamar” back into their lives.

Later, Khloe’s on the phone with Rob, setting up a nonchalant trip to the movies, when Kim beeps in on the other line to drop a bombshell. She’s calling to clue Khloe into some nasty new rumors plastered across the internet: Two ladies her dad had a relationship with before his passing have come out to say that he claimed Khloe isn’t his biological daughter.

She’s flustered by the press, so she pops into Rob’s hotel to fill him in. Rob responds with a cruel joke about how mom Kris had a family meeting about her mistakes and asked the siblings to keep Khloe in the dark. Unsure of whether the story is a lie or not, Khloe dials up Kim, who completely denies it. Rob tells Khloe, “For you to think that you’re not related to us is ridiculous.” Poor form, bro.

Back at the apartment, Lam Lam’s in better spirits and jamming it out when Rob shows up to bid adieu. He’s still gotta sort out his apartment business back in L.A. Rob and Lamar share a cuddly moment on the couch and trade “I’ll miss yous.” Good to see ‘em squeeze in one last bromantic moment for the season!

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Malika and Khloe are out to lunch and start yammering about zany pet ideas when Kourtney calls to suggest that Khloe consider taking a DNA test to make herself “feel 100% without any questions that you are our full blood sister.” Malika tries to help by bringing up the story of the Ugly Duckling, but winds up getting it completely backward. What possessed the girl to bring that one up? Come on, the inherent insult’s right there in the title!

Anyway. Hubby Lamar is sweet on his girl as she gets ready to trek out to L.A. and can tell something’s bugging Khloe. It’s his turn to be all ears. He’s up for the job and gives her some squishy smooches before she jets out to Cali for a family photo shoot.

All things considered, Khloe’s keeping it cool until Kourtney and Kim ambush her about the DNA subject again. Khloe tells the sisters she’s not interested in going through with it because she’s not sure she cares enough about the gossip to indulge it and she’s also a little scared of what she might find out. Kourt thinks it’d put her mind at ease and “stick a fat pole up” the posterior regions of those spreading the rumors, but Khloe’s still not biting.

Khloe shows up to her hosting gig with The Talk and Lamar surprises her with a sweet little homemade video declaring he’s got “separation anxiety,” which explains the mess their apartment has become in her absence, and telling her, “I know this year’s been tough, but you’ve been there throughout the whole situation, keeping my head up.” Lam Lam added a few dozen roses to the gesture and also sent the studio a giraffe for her to play with. It might’ve been sweet if it didn’t start pooping on everything mid-shoot.

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Later, Khloe and Malika are taking a drive when she receives (and ignores) a call from mom Kris Jenner. Malika’s surprised Khloe’s ignoring the call, but Khloe doesn’t want to be “sucked into the Kris Jenner crazy train.” Not a bad decision at this point, and Malika assures Khloe that she doesn’t need any test to prove what she had with her dad. For a girl who’s been seriously eating foot all episode, she drops a pearl of wisdom to say, “You know the love of your father, deceased or when he was here. Nobody can change that, not even DNA.”

Khloe arrives for a Cosmo photoshoot, which she’s totally amped about because it’s her first U.S. magazine cover, and mom Kris shows up to badger her about the DNA test option. Kris has it in her head that if Khloe will just take the darn test, “these stupid baby daddy rumors” can be put to rest. Khloe isn’t interested. Yeah, it’s not her favorite thing in the world that her mom slept around on her dad around the time when she was conceived, but she doesn’t want to take it to the next level. “I don’t care either way because my dad is my dad and my stepdad’s my step dad,” she shouts and then slams the door.

Back in Dallas, Lamar picks Khloe up from the trip, and the two share a sweet exchange about being oh-so-in-love. Aww! “Me and you ‘til the motherf**king end, Sugarplum,” he dotes. Of course, he can only be sweet for so long ‘til he starts talking about his need to number two, but Khloe gets it. Those two are practically riding off into the sunset, except it’s nighttime in Dallas and they’re in a tricked-out SUV. But you get the idea.

Khloe & Lamar’s second season might be dunzo, but there’s a whole lotta dramz left with the Kardashian brood. Keeping Up With the Kardashians returns next Sunday at 10 p.m. on E! and the subject of Khloe’s DNA isn’t quite closed just yet. Also coming up: We find out pregnant Kourtney is having a girl, something is up with Kris, and the issue of Kim and rumored new beau Kanye West is totally on the table. Should be Krazy with a capital “K”!

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