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What to Expect in Revenge Season 1, Episode 21: A Detailed Analysis of the Promo

The promo for Episode 21 of Revenge is 30 jam-packed seconds full of grave-digging, combat boots, bitch slaps, and knives.

If you watched it and still feel like you have no idea whether or not Charlotte overdosed on pills, fear not. We’ve parsed through each millisecond of promo content and created a detailed analysis of what’s to come!

0:01 – Nolan Questions Emily While Wearing a Beanie
Woah there, Nolan. Stop repressing your man-bangs' creative spirit.

0:02 – Emily Loads a Gun, Looks Unhinged
Someone pass this girl some of Charlotte's pills.

0:05 – Emily Ties Her Doc Martens, Prepares For Battle
Sometimes we get really worried about whether or not Emily shops at Hot Topic.

0:06 – Conrad Issues a Warning, We See Way Too Much of His Nose Hair
What is with these promo editors and their up-close angles?!

0:07 – Victoria Whips Her Hair Back and Forth
Major Last of The Mohicans flashbacks.

0:08 – A Gloved Hand Unscrews a Lightbulb
Looks like Emily just answered the age-old question about blondes and light fixtures.

0:09 – Ashley Walks By An Open Door, Remains Devious
We can't be friends with her anymore now that she's Conrad's minion.

0:10 – Emily Digs a Grave at the Beach!
Soooo many infinity boxes are about to get buried, guys.

0:11 – Victoria Loses It, Screams Hysterically at Conrad
Sigh, looks like it's that time of the month again. You know, when Victoria morphs into a peace-loving hippie.

0:12 – Jack Ghost Rides the Whip
He must be so embarrassed to drive a truck around Montauk.

0:13 – Emily Sobs Hysterically, We're Completely Shocked and Horrified
Girl ....cover it up.

0:14 – Daniel Grabs Emily's Phone Away From Her
Sigh, looks like someone's drunk again.

0:15 – Nolan Strokes His Nose In Contemplation
Love that the editors slipped this gem into the promo.

0:16 – Disembodied Gloved Hand Makes a Fist, We Shudder in Fear
Leather gloves that don't have the word "driving" before them are unacceptable.

0:16 – Daniel Tells Someone They're Dead To Him –– in Other Words, Our Worst Nightmare
What's the point of living in a world where Daniel Grayson doesn't want to be your friend?

0:17 – Victoria Bitch-Slaps Daniel
He probably drank her last drop of Cristal.

0:17 – Conrad Opens a Door
"Oh, heyyyy guys!"

0:18 – Jack and Emily Lean in For a Kiss
OMG, it's finally happening! Unless Fauxmanda is back with a cheap blonde wig, sigh.

0:18 – Victoria Stabs Dominik's Oil Painting
Finally, she's seen the light.

0:19 – Disembodied Arm and Some Pills Flop on the Ground
Oh, don't worry, it's just Charlotte. Next!

0:22 – Emily Suffers From a Bloody Nose, Tries to Kill Someone
We're just worried about the state of her foundation. Let's hope it's blood proof.

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