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The X Factor

10 Reasons Why Britney Spears Will Be a Great X Factor Judge

Now that the ink is dry on Britney Spears’ reported deal to judge The X Factor, we can’t stop mulling over the awesomeness that Brit will bring to the show. Check out our top 10 reasons we think she’s going to rock the judges’ table!

10. She has serious cred.
Miss Brit’s been around since the ‘90s (remember the school girl outfit with pig tails?), and girlfriend has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Let that number wash over you, then realize that’s more records sales than Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and even Prince. Wow.

9. She’s a mom.
You guys, this matters. Raising kids is the perfect boot camp for a zillion needy contestants all vying for your attention and approval.

8. She tweets, too.
Do you follow @britneyspears? If not you’re missing out on behind-the-scenes twitpics and lots of tidbits from her personal life. As much as Brit likes to tweet (and she does — a lot!) we imagine we might just get some exclusive real-time insight into The X Factor!

7. She’s a survivor, y’all.
Look, we were all worried about Brit when her crazy train left the station in the mid-2000s. But if she managed to resuscitate her career after a breakdown that epic, then we think she can help any X Factor contestant keep their head in the game.

6. She’s more famous than Simon.
Yep, we said it.

5. She’s multi-talented.
Acting, singing, baring her midriff, dancing with snakes, kissing Madonna — Britney can do all of these things and a back flip in a tracksuit. We bow down.

4. She’s totes been there.
Remember when Brit Brit was just a little southern gal from Louisiana? We do. Betcha her humble beginnings will make her extra-good at spotting a diamond in the rough when it graces The X Factor stage.

3. Oops, she’s made mistakes
Girlfriend married a dude for 55 hours. She shaved her head impulsively. She beat a car silly with an umbrella. She and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits to the AMAs. There’s practically no mistake this girl hasn’t wrestled with, which makes her oh-so-wise beyond her 30 years.

2. She has the “X factor.”
Seriously, folks. When she’s on stage, we can’t stop looking. When she’s on the radio, we can’t stop listening. Britney has exactly the kind of specific innate star power that The X Factor is seeking. We know Paula Abdul thinks opposites attract, but with Brit on board, we’re betting on like attracting like!

1. Um, “It’s Britney, bitch.”
Case closed.

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05.15.2012 / 02:29 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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