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American Idol 2012 Power Rankings: How Do the Top 3 Stack Up?

With only three contestants left, you might think doing the Power Ranking would be getting easier, but you’d be wrong! We’re not sure when the last time was Season 5, maybe? that it hasn’t been perfectly obvious going into the Top 3 who the Top 2 will be. We think there’s one sure thing, but the truth is that ANY combination of Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip could easily make it into the finale. Here are our best guesses.

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

3. Joshua Ledet
This is in no way a slight against Joshua. We think he’s pretty clearly the best vocalist and performer on the show this season, and if anyone “deserves” to win, it’s probably him. That being said, there are a few particular types of contestants who tend to go all the way on this show teenagers and cute guys with guitars. Joshua is facing one of each, so we’re giving him the lowest odds of making it to the finale.

2. Jessica Sanchez
She may have needed the judges to save her all those weeks ago, but since then, Jessica’s been plugging along with no signs of trouble. There’s always a chance that the voters could surprise us and send her home this week, but we think she’ll stick around. The only way she might blow it for herself is by being mediocre. If she’s great, she’ll sail through, and if she does poorly, she’ll earn some sympathy votes.

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1. Phillip Phillips
He’s been our pick to win all season, and we’re going to say he’s the most likely to make it to the finale next week. He doesn’t have the pure vocal ability of either of his competitors (which could work against him next week, if he goes head-to-head with either Joshua or Jessica), but he’s exactly the sort of cute guitar-playing guy that audiences love. At this point, we won’t be shocked if anyone’s cut, but we think Phillip’s safest.

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05.15.2012 / 11:52 PM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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