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Bones Music: Songs Played During the Season 7 Finale, “The Past in the Present”

If you’re anything like us, you were likely intrigued by the enchanting songs featured in the two montage sequences during Bones Season 7 Finale, “The Past in the Present.” We couldn't quite place them — one sounded a bit like Florence & The Machine, the other’s lilting male voice reminded us of Damien Rice.

Well, we did some sleuthing (the Jeffersonian crew would be so proud) and we found these hidden gems! The song from the earlier montage during Brennan’s bone-reading/Pellant’s hacking is “Moral Panic” performed by y La Bamba, a four-piece indie band who hail from Portland, Oregon. You can learn more about y La Bamba on their bandcamp page — or watch them perform “Moral Panic” below.

Scene: Brennan investigating in the lab/Pellant hatching evil plans in his apartment

Song: "Moral Panic"

Artist: y La Bamba

Lyrics: (excerpt)

This is a waiting for my thoughts
Waiting for my thoughts
Representing my high forgotten thoughts
My forgotten thoughts
This broken bed is my humble offering
Will I walk on these waters,
This is my humble offering

The second song, aired during Christine’s baptism/Pellant’s nursery-stalking, is called “From The Ground Up” by one-man-band Sleeping at Last. The sole band member Ryan O’Neal was so excited about the song’s appearance on Bones, he made a big announcement on Sleeping at Last’s website, where you can also listen to “From the Ground Up” in full.

Scene: Brennan & Booth baptise Christine/ Pellant skulks around her nursery

Song: "From The Ground Up"

Artist: Sleeping at Last

Lyrics: (excerpt)

One by one the knots we've tied will come undone.
Like picking locks, we'll sow our seeds beneath the sun.
Our accomplice is the rain, with patience, that of saints.
It grows and grows, our home sweet home.

Bonus: Turns out both songs are even lovelier without that creeper Pellant sharing screen time!

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05.15.2012 / 10:18 PM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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