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Castle’s Stana Katic on Her Favorite Finale Moments and Castle and Beckett’s Future!

It's no secret that Castle's leading lady is a fan of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett's budding romance. For years, Stana Katic has been whetting fans' appetites with talk of passionate kisses and baby making.

Last week, Stana finally got her wish when Beckett planted a big fat smooch on Castle's lips. Fans couldn't have been more thrilled with the outcome of Caskett's first and much-hyped hook-up, but did it live up to the actress's high expectations?

"Yeah, I loved it," she confessed to Entertainment Weekly, stressing that the timing was perfect.

"I felt like if we waited any longer it would be untrue to the characters. They’ve gone through a lot together, a lot of really great moments and a lot of really scary journeys together. I think waiting any longer would have been unfair and dishonest. So I think [creator Andrew Marlowe] did a really great job bringing those two characters finally to a point of complete honesty with each other."

As for her favorite moment from the Season 4 finale, Stana's torn. While Castle's confession of love is obviously high on her list, she can't deny the gravity of what occurred between the show's other characters.

"The boys were amazing; both of them: Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas. Just stunning," she gushed. "Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) brought a level of strength that I thought was imperative to that story. It was quite nice throughout."

While we're definitely amped to see what transpires between Ryan, Esposito, and Gates, the bulk of our anticipation lies in the future of Castle and Beckett. And, like Stana, we have complete and utter faith in Andrew Marlowe's storytelling abilities.

"Andrew has a lot of humor and a wonderful wit about him, and he’s got a big heart in the end," Stana muses. "So I think we’ll have that color in anything he writes."

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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