Emily Maynard on How She’s Changed After Splitting From Brad Womack
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard on How She’s Changed After Splitting From Brad Womack

Emily Maynard is taking The Bachelorette by storm, but it wasn't long ago that she was charming Brad Womack's panties off on The Bachelor. "He's excited for me," Emily tells Zap2it.

If by "excited" Emily means "jealous," then right on. Brad's missing out on a whole new side to Emily's personality! "I think that in the past year, I've become a lot more comfortable in my own skin, but it doesn't take the pressure off," Emily says. "These guys have to impress me, instead of me impressing them, so I feel more free to be myself."

"This time around, if a guy falls in love with me, I want it to be the true Emily that all my friends know," she continues. "I don't want it to be the shy, nervous, awkward Emily that a lot of people have gotten to know. I'm a single mom trying to find a guy."

Oh yeah, we had almost forgotten about Emily's status as a MILF –– but don't worry, Ricki is always on her mom's mind! "Ricki is the center of my universe," she says, "and I think it's important for people to see that I didn't just say to her, 'OK, I'm going to leave again.' If I get home at 6:30 in the morning from a rose ceremony, she wakes up at 7, and I'm up making breakfast. I think this will give people a feel for who I am and what's important to me."

Dear lord, the rose ceremonies last until 6 am? No wonder everyone looks so haggard and distraught after!

Source: Zap2it

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