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Glee Season 3 Finale Spoilers: What’s in Store for Klaine and Finchel?

As if you needed any more stimulation before tomorrow night’s positively gleeful 2-hour, second-to-last episode of Season 3, Glee stars Lea Michele (Rachel) and Chris Colfer (Kurt) have revealed more enticing tidbits — yes, even after today’s announcement of some fabulous guest stars, there’s still more!

This time, Lea and Chris dished on the fates of their relationships with respective hunks Finn (Cory Monteith) and Blaine (Darren Criss) next year. So what will Season 4 of Glee have in store for our bunch of lovestruck and star-crossed lovers? Resolutions and cliffhangers, that’s what!

Notably, Lea confirmed today to E! Online that Glee will indeed be using a show-within-a-show format to follow certain characters to NYADA (we’re still for rooting for Rachel and Kurt, of course). When she learned of the specifics for what’s in store for Rachel next year, Lea told E! that she “just sat there and didn't speak and tried to memorize and remember everything. And things change throughout the year, but it's very exciting. I was super happy. Cory was happy."

So what does that mean for Finn and Rachel?! The short response: “There's a very big cliffhanger for us."

C’mon Lea! That is so not enough for us. What do you mean a cliffhanger? Are Finn and Rachel getting married? Breaking up for good? There are so many options!

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Never to forget the boyz, Chris Colfer had this to say about Kurt’s ever-evolving relationship with Blaine: "They definitely zig and then at the end of the finale they have to zag. They are going to zig and zag. They don't really have a cliffhanger."

As long as they don’t zig-zag themselves straight into a breakup, we’ll be fine. Unfortunately, based on Chris’s scoop a Klaine breakup doesn’t entirely seem out of the question!

Source: E! Online

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