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Dancing With The Stars

Louis van Amstel: No One Deserved 10s During the DWTS Semifinals

Breaking news: The scoring on Dancing With the Stars Season 14 is way out of whack!

Oh, you already knew? Considering judge Len Goodman can’t even agree with himself for more than a week at a time, it’s probably obvious to everyone.

DWTS pro Louis van Amstel is not competing this season, but we love seeing him on Results Shows and his ABC News blog is always refreshingly candid. This week he took issue with the Semifinals scores — believing the judges were too generous, for once, giving out too many 10s.

“In weeks where I feel couples deserve ‘10s,’ they get ‘8s” and ‘9s,’ but in weeks when the dances lack energy and the performances have mistakes the judges are too liberal with their ‘10s,’” Louis wrote. “Tonight, no one deserved a ‘10,’ but there were other weeks where couples deserved ‘10s’ but didn’t get them. Sometimes that’s so frustrating for the viewers and the couples.”


Louis was also confused about Len’s stand on Maria Menounos and Derek Hough’s Jive: Len noted that it wasn’t a traditional Jive — with kicks and flicks — but then he said he didn’t care.

“Even though I appreciate Len’s words tonight about this Jive lacking content yet him loving it anyway, in past weeks when people were entertaining but lacked content he would tear them [a]part,” Louis wrote. “That is not fair.”

Maybe, as Louis notes later in his blog, the scores should just be left up to the viewers. Or maybe DWTS should tag Louis in to be a judge next season. Give him a trial run? Or would his personal experience with the pros lead him to play favorites too, just in a different way?

Watch the next new episode of DWTS tonight, May 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: ABC News

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