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Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Drew Opens Up About Grey’s Anatomy’s “Jaw-Dropping” Finale – Exclusive

Which doctor is going to die on the Grey's Anatomy finale? Interest in the show’s finale is reaching fever pitch with only one episode to go, which will determine the fate of our favorite residents. (The finale airs on Thursday, May 17.) Grey’s producer Shonda Rhimes has already teased that a key character will die — and that some of the doctors will leave beloved Seattle Grace behind to take jobs at other hospitals.

Who will stay and who will check out (in, sadly, more ways than one)? We’re dying to know! So Wetpaint Entertainment turned to Sarah Drew (April Kepner), whose character April is in a hot storyline with friend-turned-lover Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams).

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about the dark and twisty finale?
Sarah Drew: All I can say is that half of the cast is at the hospital, and half of the cast is involved in the event (the plane crash). But even the people who are left in the hospital, all of their stories are totally left with the potential that they're leaving. So it’s not like anybody in either location is safer than anyone else. You're not going to see it coming. It's shock and awe. It's really jaw dropping!

What did the cast think of the last script?
We were all just bawling. I mean, we didn't know what was going to happen. The script was in lockdown, super secretive. So we all showed up for the table read, and huge things happen in the finale that nobody knew was coming. So we were all just sort of shell shocked. I mean, it's a brilliantly written episode [and] everybody was clapping, but at the end, their jaws were dropped open, like oh, my gosh. It's just really, really intense. Shonda Rhimes knows how to tug at the heart strings, for sure!

What is on the minds of the doctors as the season is ending?
Well, you know, all of the 5th years are basically finishing up their residency at Seattle Grace. So all of the 5th years’ futures are up in the air because they're all being offered positions at other places and deciding whether they want to leave or stay or what … and then the event adds another extra something to the cliffhanger situation for some of the other characters as well.

It’s mind-boggling for fans to think that some or all of the residents are going to leave Seattle Grace. Can you shed any light on the storyline?
I think for any of them to stay at Seattle Grace seems strange because they've been working for eight years to fly out of the nest and go start their careers at the best possible option available. So whatever keeps any of them at Seattle Grace has got to be a pretty big thing in order for them to want to stay. I don't know what that is, and I'm assuming it will be revealed in the first few episodes of season nine. But as it stands in season eight, it doesn't make sense for anybody to stay at Seattle Grace besides all the attending [physicians] that are already there.

Catch the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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