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The Bachelor

The Bachelorette Season 8 Premiere Drinking Game

The Bachelorette is like comfort food. It’s not exactly healthy and it may make you sick if you ingest too much, but it’s warm and pleasantly nostalgic and kinda feels like coming home. You know what you’re gonna get. And what you’re gonna get is a lot of clichés worthy of drinking games.

In case you’d like to sip a little somethin’ somethin’ while watching The Bachelorette Season 8, here are 10 drinking games in honor of Southern single mother Emily Maynard’s big Monday, May 14, premiere. Cheers!

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

1. Take a big ole honkin’ gulp of red wine whenever Emily talks about this “experience” — which seems to be her way of not calling it “the process.” Take another gulp when she says she’s “ready” for something — to find love, to meet the men, to go to the bathroom, whatever.

2. Drink a shot of tequila whenever one of the guys says something catty about another guy (yes, guys get catty, too — especially on The Bachelorette). Add some lemon if they do it through a passive-aggressive backhanded compliment. Basically, just drink everytime Kalon McMahon comes onscreen.

3. Drink as much vodka as you can when one of the men says or does something so awkward and embarrassing it makes you want to cringe and turn away. The vodka will help with that.

4. Swig some beer whenever Emily tells one of the men what he did was “fine,” “OK” or “all good.” That’s her way of saying “You just embarrassed yourself, but don’t worry about it until this plays back in front of millions of people.”

5. Take a break from booze and just sip some tea whenever Rosemaster Chris Harrison nods his head at Emily in knowing sympathy.

6. Take a shot at the mention of Em’s ex Brad Womack. Extra shot for a guy who mentions him with great disdain but actually looks completely intimidated by the mere mention of him.

7. Have some brandy whenever someone uses the word “hot” or “gorgeous” to describe Emily.

8. Swish some wine in your glass, sniff it and put it down with a sigh whenever one of the men starts talking about being a family with Emily and Ricki. Drink the wine whenever Emily has to force a smile at the mention of it.

9. Get some beer foam on your mouth when the men diss the egg Travis brought with him as some strange symbol of how he’d take care of Emily and Ricki.

10. Toast hipster Jef Holm, who sweetly skateboards up to the Charlotte mansion to meet Emily for the first time. Take that, dude in the over-the-top helicopter!

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05.15.2012 / 03:25 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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