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The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert’s 4 Favorite Guys From The Bachelorette 2012 Premiere

Isn't it funny how much things can change from when you first see The Bachelorette pics and bios online to when you see the guys in action on TV? Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is blogging about Emily Maynard's Season 8 for and she shared her new favorites after Monday's premiere.

Ash originally said her favorites were Arie, Charlie, Alessandro, and Sean. But after watching the show, here are her four new picks for frontrunners:

Arie Luyendyk, Jr.: "Arie seems to have a quiet confidence and achievement as a race car driver,” Ashley writes. “I loved that his entrance was simple, genuine, and he looked super cute! I think he is physically a great match for Emily. I also loved how the first thing he did when they sat down was to ask if being a racer would bother her. That shows that he is not trying to hide anything from her, and he is thinking about how SHE feels about it; this is a very critical thing in relationships. Of course, she is on board with Arie being a racer. I actually think she sees it to be a good thing!"

Charlie Grogan: "Charlie is just my favorite. He looks like a big teddy bear. He is simple, sweet, funny and I think a perfect match for Emily. I'm not sure that he is ready to settle down and start making babies to fill up that van, but he will get there. My favorite Charlie moment was when he told Emily he had a half-titanium face from an accident. He asks her to touch it, and when she goes in, he scares her with a fake growl. Jim Carrey-style. What a keeper! I'm a firm believer in opposites attract and I think Charlie's humor would counter Emily's demure demeanor nicely."

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Jef Holm: "Jef came out of the woodwork for me. I didn't understand the hair when I first saw him, and really didn't think twice about him being a match for Emily until I saw his cool, calm, confident way around her. There is something about him that was sweet, sensitive, yet still strong and sincere. I really loved them together. I also love that he is the creator of an amazing company, People Water, which focuses on bringing clean water to those without access. You can't deny the goodness in someone like that. I think he will be a slow burn for Emily. They would make cute babies. Plus, look at her grin. Duh."

Ryan Bowers: "Ryan was way different than I thought he would be. I pictured him to be some rough, tough football player, but I would say he actually had one of the better "planned entrances" with his cheat sheet that read on the backside "You Are Beautiful." Ok Ryan, I'm on to you!"

What do you think about Ashley’s picks for her old Bachelor 15 buddy? It’s way too early to be sure who’ll stand out a few weeks from now, but these look like good choices for now.


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