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Bones Season 7 Finale: Did Brennan Do The Right Thing?

In Bones Season 7 Finale Episode 13, “The Past in the Present,” we watched as Brennan (Emily Deschanel) told Booth (David Boreanaz) she loved him and then strapped their baby into her carseat and took off on the lam without warning. Honestly? Not cool, Brennan.

We know that Brennan loves Booth and felt she had no option, but we’re not convinced she did the right thing. She could have fled, but left Christine with Max and Booth (this could work now that Max is Christine’s “manny”) to spare her baby the trauma and danger of going underground. Or she could have taken Booth with her — after all, he has had his badge and gun taken away by the FBI, so there’s not a lot keeping him there. Maybe even wiser still, Brennan could have stayed and faced the charges against her, trusting that Booth would find a way to prove she was framed.

For a woman who spent the episode being called “hyper-rational” and “logical” we’re not convinced that her solution made the most sense. Were you?

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05.16.2012 / 02:52 AM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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