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The Bachelor

Brad Womack Speaks! He’s Still Single, Feels He “Dodged a Bullet” With Emily Maynard

The elusive Bigfoot of The Bachelor has been spotted — and Brad Womack actually has a lot to say on the subject of his ex-fiancee Emily Maynard's love story on The Bachelorette.

Credit: STARPICZ/Splash News (Inset: People Mag)    

Brad never gives interviews — he never said a peep after his Bachelor Season 15 breakup last year, letting Emily do all the talking for both of them. So it's kind of surprising to hear him speak so candidly about the show to Houston's KTRK, while discussing the new bar his family is opening up in that city.

Brad said he has no regrets about his decisions on The Bachelor (both seasons!) and wishes Emily the best as the Season 8 Bachelorette. "All I'll say, she is a hell of a woman. I hope it works out. You know, I'm happy, I hope she's happy. So maybe we can do an interview after the finale and you can tell me what happens," Brad said. Because he won't be watching it himself? "No, I have no interest," he said.

He knows being on The Bachelor has helped with business, but it doesn't sound like it's helped his personal life. After some prodding, Brad admitted, "OK, yes I'm single," he said. "I don't have time to date and it's not for lack of trying. Um, this is a true story, and it's almost sad, you know I've only been on one date in a year? One date. Is that pathetic?" (After dating 50 women over the course of two seasons, we’d say it’s discerning.)

It's interesting what he says about his life post-Emily. "Can I say I'm glad, I think I dodged a bullet with the relationship?" Brad said. "I just hope it works out with her." Eek. What does he mean by that? Was he just not ready to be a husband and father to Emily and daughter Ricki, or was that a subtle dig at Emily?

Brad also told the Houston station he's open to finding a girlfriend in Houston — off camera, provided she loves him for himself and not for his reality TV self. (How about for his body? That still OK?)

Watch Brad’s interview in full in the video below. That man's hotness just stays steady as the rain. Sigh.

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