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The Kardashians

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Talk All Things Kardashian on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

There’s a lot going on in the lives of the Kardashian sisters and last night, Jay Leno asked the trio about all of it.

In preparation for the premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this Sunday, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, and Khloe Kardashian appeared on The Tonight Show yesterday to talk about everything from Kourtney’s In-N-Out pregnancy cravings to Khloe’s DNA to Kim’s new boy toy, Kanye West. True to form, the sisters spent about half the time answering questions and the other half playfully bickering with each other.

Jay started off by asking Kourtney about her pregnancy and if she planned on letting the world into the delivery room again, like she did when she filmed the birth of her son Mason.

"I don't know," she said. "We're gonna film it again ourselves, and honestly, my experience last time was so peaceful and calm and everything you don't see in the movies. And I really wanted to share that with people so they knew it doesn't have to be a crazy screaming session."

And of course, Jay didn’t waste any time getting to the questions on everyone’s mind what exactly is going on between Kim and Kanye West, and was the rapper’s newest song, “Way Too Cold” (formerly “Theraflu”), about her?

While Kim played coy, Khloe jabbed, “I feel like the lyrics kinda say he wrote it for you. I think the song is self-explanatory."

Jay also had some questions for Khloe, who recently returned from Dallas to Los Angeles with her NBA hubby Lamar Odom and has been under scrutiny for “quitting” reality TV.

"I understand that people need to sell magazines, but I didn't pull the plug on any show, it’s not ending,” she explained. "I mean, Lamar and I have fun doing what we're doing... I don't know how something spun so far out in the media."

The conversation then quickly turned to questions of Khloe’s paternity — a tough subject that the trio seems to have no problem discussing.

“He’s not your dad!” Kim joked to her sister about the man Kris Jenner had an affair with 25 years ago.

“Uh, you don’t know. You really don’t,” Khloe responded, hinting that we’ll all find out whether or not she’s a “true” Kardashian on Sunday night. Exclaimed Khloe to Jay and the eager audience, “Tune in!”

Watch the first clip of the sisters talking with Jay below. You can see the rest of the interview here.

Source: NBC

05.16.2012 / 05:42 AM EDT by Sarah Korones
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