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Revenge Spoiler: Will Emily Finally Choose Between Jack and Daniel?

As we dive into the final two episodes of Revenge's inaugural season, we're all wondering who Emily Thorne will choose: childhood sweetheart Jack Porter or husband-to-be Daniel Grayson.

Although we'll get "a lot more clarity" about her feelings and intentions for these two suitors, actress Emily VanCamp warns us not to get too emotionally invested in either of Ms. Thorne's relationships.

Right now, Emily has her heart set on someone else entirely: the white-haired man from the prison yard, played by James Morrison.

"He plays a great villain. We really duke it out in the finale, in a big way," Emily teases to TV Line, adding that he has "some key information" about David Clarke's death.

But Emily's physical strength isn't the only thing that will be tested in the coming episodes. In tonight's installment of Emily Thorne vs. The World, we'll get a small glimpse into the vulnerability she keeps tucked away behind her death stare.

Brought together “out of despair and sadness," Emily and Jack will share a beautiful and highly-anticipated moment together. And according to VanCamp, it's all related to the grave that Emily's seen digging in the spoiler clip.

Has anyone checked on Sammy lately?

Source: TV Line

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