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True Blood

Scott Foley Dishes on His Supernatural True Blood Storyline and New Fox Show – Exclusive!

TV favorite Scott Foley has got a pretty full dance card these days. Not only has he joined True Blood for the show’s fifth season, he’s also starring in an upcoming series for the Fox network, The Goodwin Games.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Scott at the recent Fox upfront party, where he spoke to us about both his exciting new roles — which couldn’t be more different from each other.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Let’s talk True Blood. We know from the end of season four that you’re an old army buddy of Terry’s. But who are you exactly and what are you doing in town?

Scott Foley: I play Terry’s commanding officer from Iraq. I can’t give everything away, but I can tell you that something happened over there that made me search him out. I’m in town to let him know that we have to finish something we started over there. We have to complete the circle.

Does that mean the two of you will be heading back to Iraq?

No. We won’t be.

So you’ll be staying in Bon Temps?

Ah … all I can say is that we stay in the States.

You come onto the show as a human. Will you be staying that way?

I will. I will be a human. I’m not anything else. I’m not a supernatural character, although there IS a supernatural element to the storyline. It’s really cool and it’s really interesting.

Tell us about your new Fox series, The Goodwin Games

Its about three siblings who have grown apart in their adult life and come together for their father’s funeral. At the funeral, they learn he amassed this $23 million fortune — but he’s only leaving it to one of them. And they can’t share it. So he set up a series of games for one of them to win it.

The deceased father created the games as a way to get his children back together in the same room and get close again. It’s really sweet, it’s really heartwarming, and it’s really funny.

It’s by the creators of How I Met Your Mother, which, you know, is now a TV staple. They really know how to tell great stories and to balance the heart with the comedy.

What else attracted you to the project?

The sibling aspect is what really stood out to me. For me, no one makes me laugh harder than my brothers and no one can piss me off more than my family. If the show can bring that to the air, I think it’s going to be a success.

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05.16.2012 / 10:31 PM EDT by Beth Sobol
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