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When Will Women Have Their Day in Hollywood?

First, we discovered that Hollywood's top actresses still make far less than their male counterparts. Now, it seems that even though 2011 was, statistically speaking, a good year for women in the movies, they still only represented one third of all the major characters in last year's highest-grossing films, as a new study brought to light by The Wrap reveals. What gives?!

Thanks to the Kristen Stewart powerhouse that is the Twilight franchise and films like box office darling The Help, 2011, had more females playing principal roles in the top 100 films in the domestic box office. But as usual, most of those women were 40 and under, and playing relatively powerless roles (note how Bella basically spends all of Twilight being lovestruck or pregnant, and the ladies of The Help are...the help).

And the trend continues: even mega-buster Avengers, currently dominating box offices across the universe, features only two female characters — ScarJo and Cobie Smulders — and neither of them can claim full superhero status. Granted, that is mainly due to the adolescent-boy-tendencies of the comic book world, but seriously — where, oh, where are our generation's kickass females, like Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver in the Alien movies) and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton in the Terminator movies)?

Hopefully, things will change, at least slightly, with a badass Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games set to carry on with at least two sequels and KStew wreaking havoc as a heavily armored Snow White in the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, not to mention a red-eyed (but still perfectly put together and well-manicured) vampire in the upcoming Twi-finale, Breaking Dawn Part 2.

Source: The Wrap

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05.16.2012 / 10:16 AM EDT by Dan Heching
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