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The Vampire Diaries

Why Did Stefan Leave Elena in the Car? Vamprie Diaries’ Julie Plec Explains

We really love Matt (Zach Roerig), so we might’ve pulled him from the sinking car in The Vampire Diaries Season 3 finale, too. But Stefan (Paul Wesley) isn’t that close to the human, so why did he obey Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) wishes and save her pal? Executive producer Julie Plec explained that and a lot more about Season 3, Episode 22, “The Departed,” in an interview with The VRO.

If you thought the younger Salvatore leaving Elena in the car was out of character, you’re not the only one. Plec said Paul Wesley felt the same way. He told her, “‘There’s no way that Stefan would leave her to die… I don’t buy it for a minute.’” But in Plec’s opinion, the entire basis for Stefan and Elena’s relationship is the way he respects her choices. Though Damon (Ian Somerhalder) would’ve grabbed Elena and not looked back, Stefan listened. Besides, Stefan wasn’t leaving Elena, Julie explains, he was simply helping Matt first. “It’s the beauty of the dynamic of [their] relationship and the fundamental thing that separates Damon and Elena from Stefan and Elena,” said Plec.

And though Damon’s decision would’ve been different, Plec thinks “neither one of them would be wrong in that situation.” Well, Matt fans probably have a different take on that statement, and so might Elena. “If Stefan saved Elena and let Matt die… I don’t know that Elena could’ve ever recovered from that,” says Plec.

For those of you concerned that Elena’s choice spells the end of Delena, Plec offers you some hope (and asks you to please stop sending her hate tweets). That moment where we learned that Elena actually did meet Damon first wasn’t just a one-off. “There’s so much more to this relationship than even Elena knows… it just opens the door for continued exploration,” Plec promises. But she reminds viewers that the scales don’t tip heavily in favor of either ship: “It’s not the Stefan-Elena show. It’s not the Damon-Elena show.” However, Plec warns that patience is required no matter which brother you favor. Elena’s world is about be turned upside down.

Her impending vampirism is going to affect every relationship in Elena’s life. “The way the episode ended really changes everything for everybody. Elena is about to be a completely different person in a lot of ways… In a way we’re almost starting over,” she says.

But Elena’s going to remember so much more now, so it’s not as if we’re starting over with a blank slate...

Source: The VRO

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