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Castle Season 3 Finale “Knockout” vs. Season 4 Finale “Always”: Which Was More Action-Packed?

Castle’s Season 3 finale “Knockout” was loaded with drama, and we honestly didn’t think it was possible to put together a more heart-stopping, jaw-dropping finale. We mean, who knew Monty would turn out to be connected to the other side and that Kate Beckett would almost die? Not us!

Still, as crazy as “Knockout” was, this year’s dramalicious “Always” totally gave Season 3’s finale a run for its money. Could “Always” have topped last year’s last Castle ep in the gasp-worthy moments department?

Let’s break down each ep and take an inside look. Then, tell us which season finale you think was more action-packed in our poll below!

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In the Season 3 finale “Knockout”:

Lockwood killed McCallister!

Lockwood escaped from jail!

Montgomery turned out to be the third cop involved in covering up Johanna Beckett’s murder!

Monty kicked Castle off the case per Beckett’s request!

Monty mailed his top-secret files to a mystery man!

Monty died a hero of sorts in a gripping showdown with Lockwood, where both men shot the other dead!

And just when we thought the drama was over, Kate Beckett took a bullet to the chest at Monty’s funeral!

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In the Season 4 finale “Always”:

Victim Orlando Costas murder wasn’t random — he broke into old Cap’n Monty’s house before he died!

The man who killed Orlando Costas is the same sniper who shot Kate Beckett!

Castle revealed to Beckett that he knows that she knows he told her he loved her! (Got all that?)

Alexis graduated high school! (That’s exciting, right?)

Kate Beckett was seconds away from falling to her death! (Even better: All she could think about was Castle!)

Ryan spilled everything about the Johanna Beckett case to Captain Gates (and saved Beckett from spiraling to her death in the process!)

Castle deleted all his files on Johanna Beckett’s murder and Beckett’s sniper case!

Beckett’s terrifying sniper found Mr. Smith and threatened to “put Beckett in the ground”!

And, last but certainly not least, Caskett hooked up for the first time!

You tell us! Which season finale was more action-packed?

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