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Glee Season 4 Spoilers: Who Might NOT Be Back? Plus, Updates on Who’s Getting Into NYADA!

Now that New Directions has taken the title at Nationals, there’s just that one little matter of GRADUATION to get to before season’s end. With a lotta questions hanging in the balance between this week and next, we’re dying to know the fates of our faves!!

To both quell (and multiply!) our anxiety level, TVLine is dishin’ some new deets on how things are gonna go down as we approach season four – and it appears there is news both GOOD… and bad!

Let’s start with something that will make us all smile, eh?

A couple months ago, TVLine played a “guess which is true” spoiler game which said that both Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) will get into NYADA… but that Kurt decides to break up with Blaine (Darren Criss). But don’t fret! They are now confirming that merely the “first half” of that future will hold true!

Now this spoiler guessing game is messing with our heads a little, but we’re pretty sure TV Line just revealed that Kurt and Blaine won’t break up after all. Anyone else just breathe a huge sigh of relief? (Unless, of course, this is a trick of semantics
and Blaine is the one who breaks up with Kurt. It's worth pointing out that TV Line did NOT flat-out deny the breakup.)

The other part, however, conflicts with an earlier spoiler from Jane Lynch. Back in April, Jane told PopStop, “We’re gonna find out who gets into NYADA. Kurt and Rachel auditioned and one of ‘em gets in, one doesn’t.” Perhaps Jane was simply referring to Rachel’s botched audition, and not her actual admission – because according to TV Line, BOTH of them will make it in.

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Okay, now that’s two counts of good news. Are you ready for the not-so-happy stuff?

While TV Line can state they are “fairly certain” that one Heather Morris (Brittany) will return for Glee Season 4 next year, the fate of her other castmates does not seem so certain. Sadly, there’s a chance that we might not see Quinn (Dianna Agron), Puck (Mark Salling), Mercedes (Amber Riley) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) again at all. (Update: Ryan Murphy now confirms that all the main characters will be back at some point in Season 4, he just can't guarentee how many episodes the will appear in.)

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Also dangling on the edge is a for-sure answer on the next steps for Brittana. Though we’ve got word from Naya Rivera (Santana) that the finale is “not an ending” for the fan-fave ‘ship, TVLine warns that they will hit a roadblock during the Glee Season 3 finale.

Apparently, during that upcoming dinner scene at Breadstix with guest-star Gloria Estefan, things take a turn south. In fact, the “fit hits the shan” (their words, not ours!).

Nervous yet, Gleeks?

Source: TVLine

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