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Robert Pattinson Film Bel Ami Features Lots and Lots and Lots of Sex

If last year’s Water For Elephants had you thinking that Robert Pattinson might actually be sexier as a human, we’re going to present evidence to close the case for good. According to E! Online’s The Awful Truth, an advance screening of RPattz’s new sex-filled drama Bel Ami revealed that the film delivers a whole lot of our the formerly-chaste vampire doin’ the nasty. Like, doing it within the film’s first 6 minutes and then many times over with virtually every woman he sees — married, old or otherwise.

In the period film based on the 1885 Guy de Maupassant novel, R-Pattz plays ex-soldier and Parisian up-and-comer Georges Duroy, whose sexual appetite spans multiple generations as he not only puts the moves on Christina Ricci, but also super-hot cougars Uma Thurman (42) and Kristin Scott Thomas (51). Meow!

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The Bel Ami sneak peek also teases that there are multiple shots of Robert’s bare derriere in the film, as well as some incredibly (and intentionally) awkward sex scenes, particularly between him and Uma. As if anything could be more awkward than Bella and Edward’s wedding night? Maybe this film will be the palate cleanser we need for Breaking Dawn’s ripped sheets!

We’ll have to wait until Bel Ami opens on June 8 to see R-Pattz delivering on the sexiness, but for now we can still swoon over the trailer.

Source: E! Online

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05.17.2012 / 11:59 PM EDT by Daynah Burnett
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