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Jersey Shore

The Situation’s Abercrombie Lawsuit Might Interrupt Jersey Shore Season 6 Filming

Remember how The Situation was suing Abercrobie & Fitch for using GTL and "The Situation" on their t-shirt designs? Well, that’s still happening. But now, the lawsuit is affecting The Sitch’s ability to shoot Jersey Shore Season 6. That would be tragic!

According to TMZ, the judge who will be hearing the case has scheduled a court date on June 14, which would be right in the middle of Season 6’s filming schedule.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Mike “begs the judge in the case to let him skip [the] impending court date.” And it sounds like his reasoning is sound: “He’s required to be present at the Jersey Shore house 24/7 — so he’d be violating his MTV contract by showing up in court.”

MTV must have stepped up their rules on those infamous “dips” The Situation used to pull in the middle of filming. While we want Mike to win the suit, we also don’t want him to lose any precious filming days. Watching how he deals with his new sobriety will be a highlight of the season.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed that the judge is a Jersey Shore fan!

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Source: TMZ

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