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Top 10 Quotes From Glee Season 3, Episodes 20 and 21: “He Tried to Sell My iPhone For Drugs”

When it came to funny lines and witty quips, the newest episodes of Glee did not disappoint. Here are our picks for the top 10 quotes from Season 3, Episode 20: “Props,” and Episode 21: “Nationals.”

10. Brittany is quite the dermatology expert.
Brittany (Heather Morris): Metal sparks in your face is how you get freckles.

9. Sue dispenses great advice, as always.
Sue (Jane Lynch) [to Kurt (Chris Colfer)]: You already have the lady gait and lady voice, and you’ll have to start smoking though, because this dress is a size 2.

8. It’s time for Lord Tubbington to get some help.
Mercedes (Amber Riley) [as Brittany (Heather Morris)]: I have to bail Lord Tubbington out of jail. He tried to sell my iPhone for drugs.

7. Maybe Brittany was absent on “sex-education for plants” day.
Brittany: I’m not totally gay, but I think that trees are born the same way as babies, so kicking me out would be kind of mean.

Credit: Miguel Aguilar/Sam Sharma/    

6. At least she's coming to terms with it, right?
Santana (Naya Rivera): I’m sorry I always go to the yelling place. I have rage.

5. Come to think of it, Kurt’s fashion sense would fit right in at the Capitol of Panem.
Sue [about Mercedes]: With Monique down for the count, we are entering the Hunger Games of show-choir competition without one of our most powerful voices.

4. That’s one way to solve the problem.
Mercedes: Most guys I know don’t even know how to change their own underwear.
Brittany: I couldn’t really figure that out, so I just stopped wearing any at all.

3. Since when did Puck turn into Len from Dancing with the Stars?
Puck (Mark Salling) [to Sam (Chord Overstreet)]: You dance like you’ve got your feet caught in bear traps, and you’re trying to gnaw them off.

2. Speaking of Meet the Parents, we’re kinda surprised Sue doesn’t own a lie detector.
Sue [about Rachel]: I’m not saying that Mrs. Focker doesn’t deserve a solo, but every show choir in the country has a little girl with a big nose.

1. C’mon, Sue Puck has legs that won’t quit.
Sue: Puckerman, I respect your commitment to winning, but without a doubt you are the ugliest woman I have ever seen. For a second there, I thought you were Beiste’s sister.

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