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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers For Season 4: Who’s Going to Feel Vulnerable?

Poor little monster. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) was having a bad week during the final few episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 3. Not only was he desiccated by his former bestie, Stefan (Paul Wesley), his body burned up when Alaric (Matt Davis) staked him.

Then his doppelganger turned into a vampire, and there went his plans for hybrid domination. Of course, he tried to bleed Elena (Nina Dobrev) dry, so we don’t feel too bad about that. Executive producer Julie Plec told TV Guide that nevertheless, Klaus is going to put out when he realizes what went down while he was out of commission. "The loss of the doppelganger is gonna be a BFD for Klaus and will drive his actions for the season,” says Plec. “Suddenly he's vulnerable for many reasons. There's a stake that can kill him, a witch that can desiccate him, and no way to build up the hybrid army he needs — psychologically, at least — to feel safe. Plus, Caroline’s [Candice Accola] going to be peeved at him once she realizes he bamboozled her. In other words, he ain't gonna be so happy."

Somebody needs a hug! Though he better not go looking for one from Caroline — she’ll probably break his neck, even if he is in Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body.

Source: TV Guide

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