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Will Nolan Ross Die on Revenge?

First Sammy the Dog bites the dust, and now Nolan Ross is in trouble? We're not sure how much more "grief" we can handle!

We blame it on the creepy fake mustache, the lack of business cards, and the name Burt (seriously?), but the white-haired man beat Nolan at his own game.

By the time Nolan even caught on, it was too late — the clock had already struck midnight, and Mr. Whitehead (as we affectionately call him) was en route to Seacliff Lane. Before we knew it, Nolan was passed out on his hardwood floors like Charlotte Grayson on painkillers.

Though the future's not looking particularly bright for East Hampton's wealthiest tech guru, we're not fully convinced he'll be joining Sammy in heaven any time soon. Nolan's a resourceful young chap who can outsmart even the toughest of adversaries with one swift pop of his collar.

Plus, he was in a headlock for like, less than five seconds — not nearly long enough to do any permanent damage.

So the question remains, will Nolan wake up from this unexpected ambush, or should Emily get the shovel ready for Round 2?

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05.17.2012 / 09:15 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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