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Blake Lively Doesn’t Get Along With Boyfriend Ryan Reynolds’ Mom: Report

Ever since lovebirds Blake Lively (Serena) and Ryan Reynolds first made headlines together as a couple, we’ll admit we’ve been a wee bit jealous of their ‘shipped-up bliss. The romantic outings, the vacations (one and two), the family get-togethers — it has all felt so ideal, hasn’t it? Maybe too ideal?

Case in point: RadarOnline is reporting that there is friction between the two leading ladies in Ryan’s life: Blake and his mama (otherwise known as Tammy), and that it caused trouble during their recent trip to Vancouver.

A source told Radar, “Tammy would like to see Ryan with a woman who’s not in the movie business because she feels that, ultimately, actresses put their careers first. And she thinks Blake is pressuring Ryan into settling down before he’s ready.”

Fair enough — the whirlwind romance has moved pretty quickly! But here’s where the story starts to lose its merit…

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The source continues that the tension between the two ladies in RyRey’s life came to a head when Tammy tried to “take over the wedding planning” for the couple that Radar labels “unofficially engaged.”

So she’s against the wedding, but planning it anyway? Suspicious much?

“When Tammy started grilling her, Blake left the room and had a meltdown,” the source said of the alleged run-in. “She told Ryan she wanted to stay at a hotel for the rest of the trip. Tammy says it proves she’s right: Blake’s a diva. Ryan is torn between them.”


Aside from the fact that Ma Reynolds seems to be of two minds on the situation (unlikely?), we’d also point out the fact that if Blake had a real issue with Ry’s Vancouver fam, she might just opt to not make so many trips north to visit them…

Source: RadarOnline

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05.18.2012 / 06:00 AM EDT by Ashley Graham
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