Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale Recap: One Doctor Dead, One Doctor Fired
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale Recap: One Doctor Dead, One Doctor Fired

In case you've been living under a rock or pinned under a airplane tail or something, you undoubtedly know that the plane carrying many of the Seattle Grace doctors has crashed, and that someone is died this week in Grey's Anatomy Season 8, Episode 24, "Flight". And unless you're not a diehard Grey's Anatomy fan, you were glued to the TV last night, maybe even sitting mere inches away, trying to blink as little as possible so as not to miss one detail.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) wakes up on the forest floor to find Cristina (Sandra Oh) yelling at her to get up. Cristina has a missing shoe and a dislocated shoulder, though she's more concerned about the former. Mer has a head laceration and a piece of shrapnel in her leg, the latter of which she just yanks out. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is nearby, screaming, and Cristina yells for her to shut up as she, Mer, and a seemingly uninjured Mark (Eric Dane) go searching for Derek (Patrick Dempsey) — who had been sucked out of the airplane — and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) — who was in the sheared off tail section. Yeah, guys, don't worry about Arizona. She just has a bone stick out of her leg. For her part, Arizona talks with Jerry, the pilot, as he realizes that his legs are paralyzed.

Meredith, Cristina, and Mark find Lexie pinned under the tail of the plane, conscious and responsive. Mer ventures out solo to find Derek as Cristina has Mark pop her arm back in. Mer's shouts awaken Derek, who breaks his hand with a rock to free it from debris.

Back in Seattle, Owen (Kevin McKidd) has all of his calls sent to voicemail (which, as he'll realize in retrospect, is bad idea) because of an incoming mass trauma. It's a building collapse, but our beloved doctors are in mortal peril, so do we care? No! Also, Richard (James Pickens Jr.) is taking the graduating residents out for a celebratory dinner, but do we care? No! And Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Ben talk about a commuter marriage, but do we care? Okay, yes, a little.

Lexie analyzes her own condition: her legs and pelvis are crushed, she has no feeling in one arm, and her chest feels like it's about to explode from a massive hemothorax. Cristina goes back to the fuselage to get water for Lexie and helps immobilize Arizona and Jerry. Jerry is in denial about his paralysis, so Cristina impales him with a pen! Mer comes back and Cristina gravely tells her that she should come see Lexie.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 Finale Recap: One Doctor Dead, One Doctor Fired
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Meanwhile, Lexie tells Mark to give her best to Meredith and asks him to hold her hand. Mark refuses to do both at first because he says she's not dying. But he relents, holds her hand, and tells her that he's in love with her — always has been, and always will be — and he envisions their future together. Wahhhhhhhhh! Why'd it have to be Lexie?! Seriously, we love everyone, but Lexie is just so pure and bright and shiny. Shonda, you have some serious 'splaining to do.

Mer and Cristina arrive just moments too late, and after Mer grieves for her, they trek out to find Derek. Mer has a nervous breakdown thinking that both her sister and her husband are dead. But her freak-out alerts Derek to their position, and he finds them right before collapsing. They take him back to the fuselage, look at his wound, and then Mer safety-pins it shut. It's probably the grossest thing we've ever seen ever. Yes, two evers. That's how bad it is.

When Cristina sees that Mark is just sitting there doing nothing, she berates him for doing nothing. Uh, hello Cristina, don't you see that Mark is, like, fifty shades of gray right now? Sure enough, Mark collapses with a cardiac tamponade (meaning that blood is filling his chest cavity). They drain his chest using toiletries, miraculously, and his condition improves. He almost dies later on, and even accepts death, but Arizona commands him to hang on for her, for Callie, and for Sofia.

Night falls, and everyone at the crash site is just dealing with their injuries. At one point, they hear a helicopter, but the flare gun doesn't work, so the chopper continues on, oblivious. They light a fire, but the fire keeps going out, and they eventually run out of matches. So they're stranded in the darkness of the Northwest wilderness, injured, waiting for rescuers who may or may not be able to find them, trying to stay warm and awake.

Oh yeah, we guess we better tell you what else happens in Seattle. Owen gets a call from someone at Army Medical Command who had offered Teddy (Kim Raver) the position of Chief, but Teddy tells him she turned it down. When he talks about how it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and even questions Teddy's loyalty to her country, Teddy informs him that all of Seattle Grace reminds her of Henry, but she's staying because Owen is as "broken and beaten" as she has ever seen him. That's so sweet! We love Teddy. Owen realizes that that's why Teddy was trying to keep Cristina in Seattle: because if Cristina stayed, Teddy could have left. So Owen fires her, citing her insubordinate behavior. Teddy storms out, and then once she realizes what he's done for her, she comes back and hugs him before leaving, presumably forever. Dammit, Teddy's gone, too?! No fair.

Also, Bailey tells Ben that he never gets to make a decision without her and then proposes to him out of spite. We love it! At least there's one happily-ever-out. April (Sarah Drew) tells Jackson (Jesse Williams) that she loved the night they shared together, but that she's unhappy about its implications and every other aspect of her life. Alex (Justin Chambers) leaves voicemails for Arizona telling her that he never would have gotten a job offer from John Hopkins without her help, and he thanks her in his own roundabout way. And Callie (Sara Ramirez) tells Alex, Jackson, and April to go to Richard's dinner since they have to cherish each good moment of their life. Owen finally catches up on his messages and hears multiple, increasingly-worried voicemails from Boise — and he realizes that something might have happened.

And that's just about where we leave things for the season, Grey's fans. Yep, that installment is gonna have to sustain you for until September. We won't know how the docs get themselves out of this mess for another four months. But we'll keep our ears to the ground, figuratively speaking, so check back here often for all the scoop.

Miss Grey’s? Us too. Luckily the show will return with all-new episodes in the fall on ABC.

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