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The Bachelor

Kacie Boguskie’s Bachelorette 2012 Blog: Doug’s a Keeper!

Bachelor alum Kacie Boguskie has been busily blogging about the new season of The Bachelorette. The insight of someone who’s been behind the scenes before is like none other — and Kacie’s southern sweetness doesn’t hurt either!

We rounded up all of Kacie’s priceless first reactions to the guys as they got out of the limo. Since she doesn’t know any of Emily Maynard’s men personally, Kacie tried to be candid, giving her “honest opinion from first impression.”

“Sorry guys!” she writes. We’re sure they forgive you, Kacie.

Right away, Kacie chose some clear front-running favorites:

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  • Sean- He’s adorable and looked so cute with Emily… He’ll be around a while
  • Doug- Single dad that seems so genuine… and they’re in the same boat parenting wise. He’s a keeper! (He also got first impression rose!)
  • JOE!- “EMILY!!!” HE HAD AMAZING ENERGY! AND SO SWEET (I must type that in all caps because I feel that’s the only way to do him justice).
  • Jef- This guy is totally smooth and has his own style, I respect that. We could probably be BF’s.
  • Charlie- Gotta give props to my fellow Tennessean! He represented the south well… a true southern gentleman. I know Emily will appreciate that!
  • Ryan- Call me! The signs were simple and adorable, and the he said “fellas”… I’m done! Show’s over!

With some guys Kacie told it like it is. It’s alright Kace — you just said what we all were thinking!

  • Jackson- Oh buddy! He already got down on one knee; it’s a little to (sic) early in the game for that! Then he opened with a quote (one my mom has on her fridge- and that’s where it should stay, or on the throw pillow).
  • Alejandro- Poor buddy… Emily is from Charlotte (and I have no room to talk). She has no clue what you’re saying, but I give her props for sounding adorable with her attempt at Spanish with her southern draw!
  • Aaron- Sorry dude, not feeling the chemistry, you should probably stick to biology.
  • Stevie- He’s got some moves up his sleeve, just may be too soon to break them out. I’ll give him props… it was memorable. **I loved Emily trying to dance with her hip/hand sway dance… not sure they could rock the dance floor together!**
  • Tony- aka “Prince Charming” (which aka’s don’t count when you give yourself a nickname) I couldn’t watch.
  • Randy- my aka: “Grandma”- When Britney brought her grandma it was kinda cute… dressing up as one… not so much. But he did stand out. Hopefully Emily can look past it!
  • Brent- Out of the limo I didn’t really have an opinion and then when he said he had 6 kids, I was trying to figure out what he was looking for… maybe he wants the next show he’s on to be the Brady Bunch, but it’s not the same when ALL of the kids are yours!
  • John “Wolf”- I just have to know why he’s called “Wolf” Can’t make an opinion until I know the answer to that one!
  • Travis- He brought an egg…enough said! I wish they’d all gotten smammered (sic) and tried to play the egg toss with it. SPLAT!
  • Kalon- I must say that a bold move showing up in a helicopter… it’s basically putting a “kick me” sign on your own back. Hope he can handle it!
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

Anyone else notice the startling absence of fan-favorite Arie Luyendyk, Jr.? Maybe she’s just not into dreamy, blue-eyed race-car drivers...


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