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Glee Season 3 Finale: Oh No! Gloria Estefan Teases New Roadblock For Brittana

There are all kinds of great things in store for us come Tuesday when the Season 3 finale of Glee airs on FOX, but one that we’re really excited for is the arrival of Santana’s (Naya Rivera) supa-supportive mama, played by guest star Gloria Estefan!

Ms. Estefan chatted recently with TVLine about her role on the show, and as it turns out, the “Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” songstress has something in common with us all: She’s a huge Gleek!

Gloria told TVLine, “I was visiting my son in L.A. about a year and a half ago and we all went to the set, just as fans – as Gleeks. I met Naya, and she was super sweet and said she was a big fan of mine. [Later on] I got a call that they wanted me to play her mom, and I was beyond thrilled! I spoke to Ryan [Murphy] and we were on the same page about who Santana’s mom was, and it was a lot of fun to create that character. Plus, I was upset with that grandma! Santana needs a supportive mom.”

Go, Gloria!

And it sounds like Gloria’s character Maribel Lopez has a backstory that may explain why she’s so supportive of her daughter. According to TVLine, the character is a singer, like her daughter, though the two will not share the stage this time around.

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“The way Ryan and I imagine Maribel is that she had the musical talent, but she put her life on hold because she got pregnant and probably helped put her husband through med school,” Gloria explained. “Since Santana’s tough-cookie grandma was probably rough on Maribel maybe even instrumental in making her decide against going after her music career it makes Maribel want to see Santana really fly and be successful.”

Have we mentioned that we already love this storyline?

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As for that much-buzzed scene between Mama Lopez and Brittana at Breadsticks, Gloria says it’s certainly not a coming-out moment. “This [relationship] has been going on for awhile,” she said, “and there’s no way that Santana’s mom wouldn’t know what’s going on with Brittany [Heather Morris].”

And to that roadblock the pair is said to hit during the scene, she said only, “It’s definitely a part of the scene; it all comes to light there. It’s a dilemma, you know? It’s a fun scene, but there is information that changes, kind of like, ‘What?!’ It is something that throws a monkey wrench into things and leaves more questions than answers.”

Oh man…

Source: TVLine

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