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Which Former Gossip Girl Star Would Consider Returning for Season 6?

Though Season 6 of Gossip Girl is still technically unconfirmed, we have a pretty good feeling that the decision to renew is incoming! We’ve plotted how we’d like to see things end for our fave UESers —and somewhere in there we’re pretty sure we’re gonna see (hope to see?) some returning guest stars for the show’s final season.

One willing participant? Eric van der Woodsen himself, Connor Paolo!

Connor recently told the Hollywood Reporter, “[It’s] dependent on the writers of Gossip Girl calling me and going, “We’ve gotta get you back, man.’ Then it’s a discussion. But am I calling them incessantly and going, ‘I need to be back on for this finale’? No.”

In the meantime, Connor is busy on the other coast with ABC’s Revenge. “It’s quite impossible for me to do [Gossip Girl] being on the West Coast and doing Revenge, even just down to legalities. You’re contracted to one network; it’s not easy to show up on another network. So it was never about me not wanting to be there and more about me not being able to be there.”


We see an opportunity for a van der Woodsen fam reunion, don’t you? After all, Eric’s gotta meet his newly revealed half sister Lola, right? Or maybe he can help reel in the spiraling Serena, which should come as second nature at this point.

Legalities aside, sounds like a solid way to get Mr. Paolo back to his old digs would be to recruit his long-time pal Taylor Momsen. Connor told THR of his friend and Pretty Reckless frontwoman, “I’m always yelling at Taylor to act because I think she’s great and I’d love to do something with her. If I ever end up in [a director’s chair] for real, I’ll be vocal. I’ll make her do something for real because I hate wasted talent."

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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