Exclusive! Francesca Eastwood Dishes on Her Upcoming Show and Famous Family
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Exclusive! Francesca Eastwood Dishes on Her Upcoming Show and Famous Family

E!’s newest reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which follows the lives and careers of Clint Eastwood’s wacky family, may not give us much of a glimpse into how the legendary actor spends his spare time — but it sure will give viewers some insight into what the he deals with at home.

Wetpaint Entertainment got the scoop on the new docuseries at the Race to Erase MS Event in Los Angeles, straight from daughter (and star!) Francesca Eastwood.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us about the show?

Francesca Eastwood: It’s about my family, obviously, and the boy band that my stepmother has adopted, kind of, which has just been totally crazy. It’s put my family through this crazy pressure, but it’s very fun, very exciting, I love it!

Would you say it’s like the Kardashians or not?

I would say it’s similar to the Kardashians in the way that it’s about a family and it’s very family-oriented — a family that loves each other very much and a lot of the family dynamics. But I think that it’s very different because we all have super different personalities than the Kardashians. I love them, but we’re so different. You’ll see different characters on our show.

What will young girls like about it?

It shows my little sister and I dealing with very real issues, like I’m moving out of the house, I’m in my first real relationship. My little sister is in high school, she’s constantly embarrassed by my mom. She’s going through high school and it’s all on camera. I think that people will be able to relate to it.

Well, you say relationship — are you going to be very honest about your boyfriend [photographer/director Tyler Shields]?

Yeah. We get into it. A lot of the drama comes from my boyfriend in the show. [Laughs] He always finds himself in the center of the drama.

And the boy band — are they hot?

I mean…[laughs]. They’re not my cup of tea. Plural—cup of teas. I think that a lot of people really love them and they have no problem getting girls.

Will the relationship between you and your dad be shown, or not so much?

Not really. He graces us with his presence once or twice and he has some good lines in the show. He voices his opinion a couple of times but you won’t see anything too personal.

And he won’t say “Make my day” or anything like that?

He doesn’t say that line, no!

What about your stepmom — do you guys get along?

We do. We get along really well. I’m so lucky. Now that I’m 18, we have a very nice relationship.

You’re 18 now — do you want to act?

I don’t want acting to be my only thing in life, but I am going to be acting. I have a movie lined up for September

What’s it called?

It’s called Final Girl. My boyfriend’s directing it, actually. It’s still in the early stages — I can’t really say anything about who’s in it yet.

He’s the director. Does he remind you of your dad at all?

A little bit, actually. I never thought I’d date someone who was like my dad, but he reminds me of him in the way that he’s very creative. He’s very hardworking. He’s very healthy , stuff like that, but they have very different personalities. My dad is very quiet and calm, at least now that he’s older. Tyler is a little more crazy, in every way.

Mrs. Eastwood & Company premieres on E! Sunday, May 20, after the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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