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Jon Huertas on Castle Season 5: Medieval Times, Boys’ Weekends, and More Esplanie – Exclusive!

Last week, we unveiled our Castle Season 5 wish list, which contains everything from more Caskett canoodling to an Alexis and Beckett friendship, and, of course, some much-needed Lanie/Esposito hookup action.

When we caught up with Jon Huertas last week to discuss his latest adventure — flying sky high with the famous Blue Angels pilots for Memorial Day — we couldn't help but ask what's on his Season 5 wish list. Would he like to see Detective Esposito rekindle the flame with medical examiner Lanie Parish? You might be surprised by his answer!

Keep reading for the hilarious conversation that ensued when we asked the one and only Jon Huertas what he'd like to see next season on Castle.

Wetpaint Entertainment: So, what's on your Season 5 wish list?

Jon Huertas: My wish list for Season 5? I think I want to get that guy back who headbutted me and knocked me out, because he's still alive and out there. I think they should give me a shot at that dude and let me beat him down.

Of course, I want to see Esposito and Ryan get back to being homies, and let's see … I'd like to see a love scene between Lanie and Esposito, and I wouldn't even mind having a love scene with somebody else.

Oh, how scandalous!

Yeah, how do we — Lanie and Esposito — deal with that? Because she's the one who has the whole booty call thing going on.

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And I'd like to see Esposito and Ryan kind of get in trouble again, in jeopardy. A lot of people like to see us getting tortured. And I'd love to see another road trip episode, you know, kind of like to upstate New York or something like that.

Another boys' weekend, like "Heartbreak Hotel"?

Uh huh. And I'd love to be able to — if there's anyway that [show creator] Andrew Marlowe or [director] Rob Bowman can make this happen for Esposito — I'd love to ride a horse and carry a sword in an episode.

[Laughs] For real?

Yes, I'd like to ride a horse and carry a sword.

How do you see that fitting in exactly?

We've had a zombie episode, we've had werewolves. Horses are real, Esposito is real, and so are swords, so if we can make the zombie stuff work, we can make my horse thing work.

Well, how are your skills on a horse? Are you an accomplished equestrian?

I am an accomplished rider, yes. There's actually a video, I tweeted it last year, of me at a horse show riding dressage. So I can ride English, but I'm a traditionally Western rider. I've been riding since I was a little kid. I ride all the time out here in California. I also did a little stunt riding too.

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Can you jump?

I can, but I don't actively anymore since it's so dangerous and I don't want to get hurt.

When I first moved to California — when you're an actor and you're just starting out like everyone else — you usually get a job as a bartender or waiter. I knew that I would suck as a waiter or a bartender, so I was like, I can't get that kind of job. So, I was like, where else can I get a job? What else can I do?

There was a Medieval Times here in Orange County. So I went and auditioned as a knight, and I had to do all this stunt work on a horse. Falling off the horse, getting to your feet, going with the sword, jousting … all this stuff I had never really done before. Of course, when I got there, they said, "Have you ever done any of this stuff?" and I was like, "Yeah!"

So, I go through the motions and I do the audition, and they said, "Hey, you did a great job and we'd love to bring you on," and I was thinking, "Great! I'm going to be a knight! Am I going to be the red knight? The yellow knight? Maybe I'll be the black knight!"

So, they said, "If you could start next week, you'll be starting out as a squire. You'll be a squire for about a year and a half, maybe two years, until an opening opens up because there's a lot of squires ahead of you, and then you'll be a knight." And I was like, "What?! I can't be a squire and walk behind horses and pick up sh** … screw that! I'm not going to be a squire. I'm knight material!"

Did you end up taking the job?

No, I didn't take the job! Squires in my mind, the way I've studied the stuff, is that squires are always boys, 14-16 years old. I'm a grown-ass man! I need to be a knight!

Well, maybe Andrew Marlowe can finally help you live out your dream with a Medieval Times-themed episode?

I hope so. Andrew had me headbutted and knocked out in one blow, which we know wouldn't normally be a problem. So I hope he does his part to put me on a horse and have me swing a sword.

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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