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American Idol

American Idol 2012 Power Ranking: How Do the Top 2 Stack Up?

Well, this is it, readers! Our very last Power Ranking of the season. With only two contestants left on American Idol, it's going to be short and sweet. If you've been following along, our picks won't surprise you. But here they are anyway so that we can celebrate in our brilliant predictions after the winner is announced on Wednesday night!

2. Jessica Sanchez. Now that Joshua's been eliminated, Jessica's got the best pipes left in the competition. She's also a confident performer, and she’s as cute as a button. If she was going up against anyone else in the Top 13, she'd be a sure thing to take the crown. But unfortunately for Jessica, we just don't think she's got a shot of beating out this particular opponent. And therefore, the winner will be...

1. Phillip Phillips. From the time the finals began, Phillip's been our pick to go all the way. He's been in the #1 slot in our Power Ranking every week (except for the week we jinxed Colton Dixon by moving him out in front), so why change our minds now? Phillip is unquestionably talented and has never once been in the Bottom 3, plus he's exactly the type of cute, guitar-playing guy who's won every single year since David Cook beat out David Archuleta back in Season 7. Sure, there's always a chance that Jessica could somehow push past him, but we're pretty confident that Phillip will continue the legacy.

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05.22.2012 / 04:54 AM EDT by Tracy Fusaro
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