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The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison on Bachelorette Man Tears and Why Emily Maynard Is a “Different Kind of Catch”

Rosemaster Chris Harrison is staying pretty consistent with his teasers for The Bachelorette Season 8. By now, anyone paying attention has heard umpteen versions of his speech on how Emily Maynard is sweet — up until the time she’s not.

Her mama bear side will come out very quickly when one guy pushes “The Ricki Button” and feels “the wrath of Emily.” And “he won’t be the last,” Chris teases in a new video. That’s all he says on the matter. However, he talks more about Kalon McMahon getting a target on his back with the helicopter move while, “on a more sincere level,” there are guys she had an immediate connection with — like skateboarder Jef Holm and single dad first impression rose winner Doug Clerget. (Interesting that he singled those two guys out.)

There’s also a lot of crying this season, Chris notes. Like, enough tears to make Jenna Burke and Melissa Schreiber think everyone needs to calm down.

"There is a lot of emotion this year and a lot of man cry, which I know we can kind of laugh at, but it kind of goes to show what's on the line this season and how seriously the guys take it,” Chris says. “Emily is — not only is she a catch, she's a different kind of catch and these guys quickly realize how awesome she is and fall for her."

Maybe they’re just really excited about a life filled with baking cookies for Ricki’s soccer team. Sounds like every guy’s dream!

Source: People