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The Bachelor

Emily Maynard Fires Back at Brad Womack’s “Dodged a Bullet” Comment

For a guy who rarely says anything on the record, Brad Womack certainly chose a loaded statement to break his silence. In a video interview with a Houston news station, Brad said he’s not watching his ex-Bachelor 15 fiancée Emily Maynard as the Season 8 Bachelorette, adding that he’s OK living life without Emily.

"Can I say I'm glad, I think I dodged a bullet with the relationship?" Brad said. "I just hope it works out with her."

Maybe he didn’t mean it to come out sounding so harsh… but it came out sounding harsh. Emily’s Bachelor 15 buddy Ashley Spivey tweeted, “Really Brad Womack? - Saw this interview today and it really rubbed me the wrong way....” She included a link to the video interview.

Emily herself responded to Ashley with a little quip: “im [sic] sure they accidentally cut off the part where he said it was a diamond encrusted bullet of course! :)."

It sounds like both sides of that relationship have moved on far enough to be glad about the results. Emily won’t confirm whether she’s in love and engaged now that she’s finished filming The Bachelorette, but she said she’s happy. He said he’s happy. Everyone is happy… except everyone who really wanted things to work out between Brad and Em. Shrug.

Source: Twitter

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